Where To Find Pesto In Grocery Stores (Which Aisle?)

It will be so tiring to search every aisle in a grocery store when you want to buy a pesto. But by the time you’re done reading this article, you will know exactly where to find pesto in grocery stores.

Once you’re in the grocery store, look for pesto in the aisle with Jarred sauce pesto and the refrigerated pasta section of the store. You can also find pesto in the sauces or condiments section. It’s usually next to the other sauces in the grocery store.

That’s not all; pesto can also be found in the bakery, produce vegan health, and specialty cheese section in the stores.

Below, we will provide a clear guide for you on how to find pesto in grocery stores.

Where To Find Pesto In Grocery Stores

Below is a complete breakdown of the various places you can find pesto in grocery stores:

1. Jarred pesto sauce

The first place to check is the aisle with the jarred pasta sauces (usually with the dry pesto). It sometimes sits on the top shelf with specialty sauces and other ingredients.

Pesto is kept here because when dry, it does not need to be put in a refrigerator. They are kept on a shelf for customers to see and buy.

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2. Refrigerated section

You will find them on the shelf, usually at the top. However, the refrigerated pasta section is the place to go if you need fresh pesto.

They are kept in plastic containers so you can easily identify them and for proper preservation because they are kept cold.

3. Vegan section

Vegans have a special preference for food and so do grocery stores. Some grocery stores have made provisions for a vegan section where vegan foods such as pesto can be found.

So, if you are vegan or love to buy pesto, the vegan food section is another place to look.

Which Grocery Stores Sell Pesto?

Before you set out to buy pesto, you need to know the stores that sell them first. After knowing where to locate them in grocery stores, below are some popular stores to go to:

1. Amazon

Amazon has almost anything you can imagine. So, you can also buy pesto from there.

Once you get to Amazon, check the aisles outlined above for pesto. The good thing is that Amazon allows online shopping if you don’t want to visit the store.

2. Walmart

Walmart offers much more than just pesto. It sells pesto sauce. It also sells different pesto varieties, including vegan pesto. Walmart equally allows online orders and delivery like Amazon.

3. Whole Foods

Whole food stores sell pesto just like other foods. You can check the refrigeration section in whole food stores for pesto and make your choice on the brand that you prefer.

4. Safeway

Safeway is another store to consider if you want to purchase pesto. It has different pesto brands that you can choose from.

5. Kroger

Kroger sells different pesto brands, including pesto for vegans. They also offer online orders.

6. Publix

The list will not be complete if Publix supermarkets are not mentioned. They sell different brands of pesto.

7. Your Local Health Food Store

Ignoring your local store in your search for pesto might be a mistake. This is because local food stores are often closer and will provide your pesto in good time. They also have different brands of pesto.

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Can I Buy Pesto Already Made?

Yes, you can buy already made pesto from a grocery store. There are varieties of brands that provide already made pesto. Using already made ones is an excellent idea if you cannot prepare them yourself.

It is okay to conclude that the location of pesto is determined by the kind of pesto you want to buy. Simply follow our guide to quickly find pesto in the grocery store.