Where To Find Lard In Grocery Stores (Helpful Pointers)

The fact is, if you’re not used to buying things in the grocery stores, you will find it hard to navigate around and find what you need. This article will focus on telling you where to find lard in grocery stores!

Shopping in a grocery store should be a daunting task. Goods have been arranged, section-by-section and tagged to make your shopping experience much easier.

All you need to know is the aisle or section where that specific product is kept.

Like for lard, it’s most likely to be found in the meat section or the international/Mexican foods aisle tubs.

Read on as you explain in detail, where you can find lard in the grocery stores!

What Is Lard?

Lard is a fat that’s extracted from pig carcasses.

It’s often used in cooking because it adds a layer of richness to foods and has a high smoking point, making it a good choice for frying or searing meat.

Furthermore, lard has a strong pork flavor, so it’s usually used in dishes with other flavors such as onions or spices.

Lard tastes like pork but with a slightly sweet undertone. When you cook with lard, you’ll notice that the meat tends to be more tender and have a richer flavor than regular pork.

In addition to adding flavor, lard also helps keep food moist as it cooks because it acts as an emulsifier — it helps keep other ingredients mixed in your dish without separating into individual components when heated up later.

Below are some of the best ways you enjoy your lard:

  • Use It As An Ingredient In A Recipe: You can use lard as an ingredient in many dishes, including desserts, soups, stews, or even scrambled eggs or omelets.
  • Add It To Bread And Rolls As A Topping: Lard is also great on bread and rolls because it adds flavor while preventing them from becoming dry. Try adding it as a topping on your homemade biscuits or rolls!
  • Cook With It In Your Slow Cooker Recipes: You can use lard as an alternative to butter when cooking with your slow cooker or crock pot recipes. The fat helps keep food moist without adding extra calories or unnecessary fat calories into your diet plan.

Where To Find Lard In Grocery Stores

While there are many places where you can find lard in grocery stores, we’ve found it most often found in the meat section.

The meat counter is a sure-fire spot to find lards in different brands and packaging.

The bakery section is another go-to spot in most grocery stores since it is a delicious ingredient that can make our bread taste much better.

And lastly, I won’t be surprised to find some lards in the produce section. If nothing else works for you, then try checking out this section of your local grocery store!

You may be surprised at how many options of lard you’ll get.

Best Lard Brands To Buy in Grocery Stores

When you’re looking for a new lard brand, you may be wondering which ones are the best.

To help you find them, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 lard brands we think you should try.

  • US Dreams
  • Armor
  • MD Life
  • Cornhusker Kitchen
  • Morrell
  • Proper Foods for Life
  • SCP South Chicago Packing
  • Fatworks

The above brands mentioned here have only the best-in-class quality of lards.

They have a wide selection of everything from lard to bacon, ham, and even pork belly.

Most supermarkets have their branding, and it’s normally as good as these brands.

Related Questions

Does Lard Need To Be Refrigerated?

Well, it’s your call to store it in the fridge or not! This is because lard will still maintain its integrity at room temperature for a long –it’s how it was used and stored before the invention of the fridge. However, today most people recommend storing it in the refrigerator.

Is Pork Fat the Same As Lard?

No! To succinctly put, lard is rendered pork fat. Although both come from pigs, they are used in baking and cooking. However, Pork fat contains more saturated fat and cholesterol than lard.

Lastly, pork fat has a higher smoke point than lard, so it’s more suitable for frying, while lard is best suited for cooking at lower temperatures.

Is Lard Better Than Crisco?

Yes, lard is healthier than Crisco and more versatile.

What Can I Use In Place Of Lard?

There are a lot of good options out there when it comes to cooking with fat! You can use what you have on hand, like olive oil or butter. Some people swear by coconut oil, but we’re not sure if it’s worth the hype.

If you want to try something new, you can use Olive oil in the same amounts as you do lard; mashed bananas in a 1/2 for every cup of lard. Although a lot of people use avocado oil, beef tallow, or Ghee, too -only they are high in fat, so it’s not going to cut back on your calories by much.


The easiest way is to ask where to find lard in the grocery store. You can call the supermarket and ask beforehand whether they’re in stock.

I trust Walmart or Target; they will most likely sell it to you over the phone.

So that’s all for now.

If you have any other questions regarding lard, reach out to us, and we’ll be obliged to answer you.

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