About Us

A Lot Of Shoppers Struggle To Find Products In The Aisle. Shoppersreality Helps You Overcome This Problem.

My name is Nwangene Theodore, and I want to specially welcome you to ShoppersReality.com. Shoppers Reality is a product of TheoGene Media Services.

…..We save you time by pointing to the EXACT sections and aisle where each product are kept.

Shopping in a grocery store you’ve never been in is NEVER easy —you are being surrounded by gigantic mazy shelves clustered with different products and brands.     

The experience is overwhelming! 

And only a few people are comfortable asking the employees for help in the aisle, which most find too embarrassing. 

But you don’t necessarily have to. Because with ShoppersReality, you know precisely where EVERY product are kept —the section and the EXACT shelve on the aisle. 

About Us

ShoppersReality is a source of grocery store information that connects shoppers to nearby stores and directs them to the items they seek. 

Consider us your google map whenever you’re lost in the store. 

We show you what section and the aisle to locate each product in ANY grocery store. 

This way, you can continue doing what you love—shopping—without sacrificing your time or sanity.

And if you are curious about which store sells the item you want, we will pull out logs of all the grocers that bare that product. 

We also narrow your search by looking for stores within your vicinity, so you only shop in a throw’s stone. 

We cover everything from what’s new on the shelves, the grocer with the best price, how to pay on the checkout line, and even provide tips on general shopping. 

More importantly, we help customers navigate their local stores and offer a behind-the-scenes look at when the store restocks and the best time to shop for high-demand goods. 

…Worried how come we know so much? 

How We Started And Our Mission

The story behind ShoppersReality resonates with every shopper’s struggle —because we been there before. 

Most of us were regular shoppers, supermarket clerks, Shopping cart attendants, cashiers, and Assistant store managers in the most popular retailers for over a decade or two. 

So we know the day-to-day operations of these stores, as such seen series of the shopping agony customers face —-and wanted to help. 

We noticed: 

Since many people waste time searching for products of any category and brand, using our expertise to suggest what aisle the item is in would be resourceful. 

No one deserves to be stranded with an empty or scanty cart amid thousands of affordable items.

Also, we noticed how many shoppers need to take advantage of special deals or promo offers. 

Hence, we want to help them save a few bucks with coverage of weekly food specials.

And since we have roots in most of these stores, you will receive up-to-date grocery deals right at your fingertips.

Aside from that, most customers drive a mile away only to discover the item they want is out of stock. With ShoppersReality, you know what items are on sale on any given day.

Our goal is to “put a helpful smile on every shopper’s face in every store.”

Contact Us

Click on our Contact Page, or simply send us an email at info@shoppersreality.com or hello@theogenemedia.com. You can also call us on +2348069042613.