8 Best and Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Due to the shortage of coins in the U.S., many people are eager to exchange their loose money for hard cash. There are a variety of places that you can go to exchange your coins, such as Coinstar.

If you are not a credit union member or need bank access, you can use Coinstar machines to eliminate all loose changes.

There are free coin counting machines near you if you want to get rid of all the containers filled with coins.

In this article, we will look at some of the best and free coin counting machines near me.

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Free Coin Counting Machines Near Me

There are several establishments with free coin-counting machines near you. They include the following:

1. Banks

The machines started to disappear from most banks over time. Usually, these counters are only available in certain areas and are only for customers. The following are banks that still have free coin-counting machines:

  • Apple River State Bank
  • First County Bank
  • Hancock County Savings Bank
  • Westerra Credit Union, et cetera

2. CVS

Although some stores don’t allow you to cash in your coins, you can still use Coinstar if the establishment has one.

This counter and coin sorter type will enable you to get cash based on the number of coins you put in.

Unfortunately, Coinstar does charge a huge fee for using its machine. 

It charges an 11.9% fee on the exchange, which means that if you have a hundred worth of coins, you will only get 88.10 cents back, with the company pocketing the rest.

The fee is what you are paying for the convenience of the machine. The advantage of using a Coinstar at a local establishment is that it will handle all of your coins.

It does so without you having to put them in the rollers. In addition, the machine will give you the cash that you need after taking its own share.

One of the most convenient locations to do light shopping is a pharmacy such as CVS, which also provides other services.

If you want to get everything done in one visit, this is the place for you. However, if you want to get as much out of the coins as possible, you should use a bank instead.

3. Walmart

Walmart stores have Coinstar kiosks near the checkout. This feature makes it easier for customers to change their coins without going through the usual process.

Although Walmart is a major player in the U.S., it only has some of its stores equipped with Coinstar kiosks. 

You can use the company’s Find a Kiosk app or a computer if you are in a Walmart store and want to find one.

4. King Soopers

If you have several coins in your purse, you can use them to get an iTunes gift card without a fee. You can also cash in for over 20 brands with no fee.

In King Soopers, Coinstar kiosks do not charge fees when you use your coins to purchase e-commerce or other gift cards.

5. Safeway

Safeway is one of the grocery stores where you can get cash out of your coins, mainly focusing on groceries and beauty products.

This store also has pharmacies. You can usually find Coinstar machines in this type of establishment.

6. Target

One of the biggest department stores in the U.S. is Target, which has locations across the country.

Although it mainly sells food, it also has a wide selection of home goods. Some customers claim that this is where they buy one item and get multiple products.

Target also has a Coinstar machine, which allows customers to cash in their coins. While this activity is convenient, it could be risky since some Target customers tend to overpay.

7. WinCo

In WinCo, customers can dump their coins into the company’s Coinstar machines, which then process them and give them cash for their value. This grocery store also sells various other products.

WinCo strives to provide its customers with the best possible savings. The team members regularly run sales and ads and give discounts and bargains. 

They also provide online grocery orders, making it easier for customers.

8. Albertsons

The grocery store chain Albertsons has over 2,000 locations across the country. 

Some of these can be found in various states, such as New Mexico, Illinois, and Texas. Its stores also feature Coinstar machines.

How to Avoid the Coinstar Fee

For most cheapskates, there is a way to avoid the Coinstar fee. And you don’t need to scrounge the machine for spare change. 

This method works for everyone and does not involve paying extra money.

You only need to use an e-gift card to receive your earnings instead of Coinstar fees.

How Does Coinstar Work?

Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr

For those who are unfamiliar with what a Coinstar is, it is a handy machine that can be found in various grocery stores such as Kroger, Walmart, and even some smaller chains.

The Coinstar is located near the customer service desk, and it’s usually big and green. 

To cash in your coins, bring them in, dump them into the machine, which counts them, and walk away with a voucher you can exchange for cash or an e-Gift card from one of 29 retailers. You can also choose to donate the money to charity.

Since it has been around for a long time, Coinstar has been able to dominate the market regarding coin-counting machines. They are known for maintaining their machines well.

With Coinstar, you have various options when it comes to getting money. You can get a gift card or cash back, and you can also donate the money to a variety of charitable organizations. 

Keep in mind that you will be charged an 11.9% fee if you choose to use cash.