Where to Find Cannoli Shells in Grocery Stores

Cannoli shells are made from mixed ingredients like flour, cocoa, sugar, butter, and coffee. The mixture is hardened by frying to form an outer shell that looks like a tube. It is filled with cheese fillings, preferably ricotta cheese.

Cannoli shells are baked and mainly used to make Italian deserts known as Cannoli. If you have never purchased it before, you may not know where to find cannoli shells in grocery stores.

You can find cannoli shells in the baking or bakery aisle of the grocery store. If you can’t find it there, check the international section where Italian products are located in the store.

In this article, we will not show you step-by-step how to make cannoli shells but where and how to find cannoli shells in the grocery store.

Where To Find Cannoli Shells In Grocery Stores

Below is a complete breakdown of where you can find cannoli shells in grocery stores:

  • Baking section: Grocery stores often store the Cannoli shells in the baking section. Not only are the Cannoli shells there; you can also find pastries and desserts of different kinds there
  • International aisle: The foreign food section, known as the international aisle, is another place you can find the Cannoli shells in grocery stores

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Which Grocery Stores Sell Cannoli Shells?

It’s worth noting that some stores may differ on where to stock the Cannoli shells. So, you can always seek help from the store workers if you cannot find cannoli shells in any of the aisles we mentioned above.

That said, here are some famous grocery stores that sell Cannoli shells!

1. Walmart

Walmart has many outlets that sell Cannoli shells. They have famous brands such as Ferrara Mini Cannoli shells.

Walmart allows online orders, so if you don’t have a Walmart outlet nearby, you can order online and have it delivered to you.

2. Amazon

Don’t take it for granted that Amazon is a vast store that will always have Cannoli.

It might just be out of stock just when you need it most. So, order it online and have it delivered to you

3. Safeway

Purchase Cannoli shells in Safeway stores either online or in walk-in stores. We suggest you take the thrilling experience of going to the store to buy it to familiarize you with the section where it is kept.

4. Wegmans

In the bakery section of the Wegmans store, you can find cannoli shells and some related bakery products.

5. Harris Teeter

Check the dessert section in Harris Teeter to find Cannoli shells. They are kept in containers for easy identification.

6. Italian Stores

Buying Cannoli shells can be very easy by walking into any Italian store. But before going, always ensure to check online to confirm their availability.

Where Can I Buy Empty Cannoli Shells?

You can buy empty Cannoli shells and try some new kinds of stuff with the filling.

Most of the stores that sell Cannoli may have empty Cannoli shells too. They include Walmart, Amazon, Safeway, Wegmans, and many walk-in stores.

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What are Cannoli Shells Made Of?

Do you know that Cannoli shells can be homemade? Yes, with a few items and processes, it can be done. Cannoli are tube-shaped shells made from pastry dough that has been fried.

The pastry dough is made from a mixture of water, egg and egg white, unbleached all-purpose flour, vegetable oil for frying, salt and unsalted butter, granulated sugar, and wine.

The filling is fantastic because it is filled with creamy and sweet substances like cheese. Now you won’t be bored with the process, so you don’t become nostalgic.


It will be easier to find cannoli shells when you follow our guide in this article. In addition, try to search for and contact stores online to confirm their availability before going there.