Where to Find Tofu in Grocery Stores (What Aisle?)

Everybody loves Tofu simply because of its fine texture and refreshing taste. It can be used on a variety of dishes for its flavor, depending on its form, whether soft or rough.

Tofu, which has an Asian origin, is now well accepted by many worldwide because of its flavor and health benefits. If you’re wondering where to find Tofu in the grocery stores, we’ll answer that in this article.

You will often find Tofu on the refrigerated shelves at the edge of the produce section of grocery stores. Tofu may also be found in the Asian or natural foods sections.

You can also search the refrigerated health food section if you can’t find Tofu in the places mentioned above. But there’s more to the location of Tofu in the grocery stores, which we’ll cover below!

Where to Find Tofu in Grocery Stores

Below is a detailed breakdown of where Tofu can be found in grocery stores:

  • Natural food section: Tofu can be found in the natural food section of most grocery stores. However, it’s worth noting that the location might vary from store to store.
  • Produce section: Since Tofu is used a lot for preparing a variety of dishes, it is located in the produce area in most grocery stores. You may even find additional ingredients such as a firm or soft Tofu finely packaged in plastic containers.
  • Refrigerated food area: You can find Tofu in the refrigerated food area, precisely on the shelves. Most Tofu varieties require refrigeration except for silken Tofu.
  • International sections: Check the international or Asian sections of a grocery store when searching for Tofu. That is where you can find Silken Tofu.
  • Dairy section: Some supermarkets keep their Tofu in the diary section with cheeses and other non-vegan items.

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Which Grocery Stores Sell Tofu?

Many stores have Tofu, but some may not have it in stock. That is why you must find out which stores have it before shopping there.

1. Kroger

You will most likely find different varieties of food from Kroger stores. It is prevalent among vegans and non-meat eaters because it devotes a special section to them.

Tofu can be found in the refrigerated food section of Kroger stores. It can also be found in the natural food section.

You can also check the Asian food section if they are not found in the refrigeration and other sections.

2. Walmart

Walmart is a large store that spreads across many parts of us. It equally operates a unique online store that allows people to order online and get it delivered to their location.

They have Tofu in their store, which can be found in the produce section.

However, if it is not found in the produce section, it should be in the dairy section. When in doubt, you can make inquiries from the representative.

3. Meijer

Meijer is equally a huge grocery store, and it has varieties of products, including Tofu. The areas where it can be found include the international and refrigeration sections.

How Do You Buy Tofu?

Buyers must be conscious while purchasing Tofu by sifting through them. Physical attributes to look at include color, smell, and storage.

Tofu has to be white, fresh, and well packaged to be considered healthy for consumption.

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Where To Find Silken Tofu in Grocery Stores?

If you need silken Tofu for your puddings, salad dressing, pie-fillings, and creamy foods, look out for boxes on shelves in the grocery’s international section. It can also be in the refrigeration section when it is not stated in boxes on shelves.

Given the above, you now have a proper guide on where to find Tofu in grocery stores. There are varieties of Tofu, as you have observed from this article, so it’s up to you to make the choice that best suits your need.

Also, ensure you contact online stores to confirm their availability before setting out. Due to high demand, some stores easily go out of stock.