When Does Target Restock Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels have always been popular, but their popularity has increased dramatically in recent time.

Fans of toy cars now find themselves in a situation similar to that faced by people seeking actual automobiles: getting hold of one is more challenging than it once was. But that’s just the fragment of the problem. 

Locating Hot Wheels can be difficult if you don’t know which store to look at. But we all know the Never-to-fail stores that have it all: Target. But when does target restock hot wheels?

Target restocks its toy section twice weekly. Meanwhile, other big stores need a precise schedule. The Toy restocks occur on Monday and Friday nights, though this is only sometimes the case.

We are also discussing which company stocks Hot Wheels at these stores and more so you can learn when to stake Target for their Hot Wheels.

When Does Target Restock Hot Wheels?

The restocking procedure at Target differs slightly from that at Walmart. Target rotates its weekly refilling plan depending on the day of the week. They don’t do it all at once every evening. 

Although the target’s restocking schedules frequently vary by location. For instance, the restocking timeline for Target locations in California and Tennessee can differ. And this only serves to complicate problems further.

Target ALWAYS replenishes its toy inventory twice a week. And the Toy restocks take place on Monday and Friday nights, though this is only sometimes the case.

But the fun part about the Target refill schedule is that you can find out when your Target employees’ schedules are by asking them. Most employees will be pleased to share their individual restocking timetable with you.

Despite that, Hot Wheels won’t always be there in that assortment. The best time to shop for Hot Wheels is in the early hours of the day. 

Target also favors overnight product replenishment. Shopping between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM often results in the most fruitful findings.

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What Company Stocks Hot Wheels at Target?

Photo by George Thomas via Flickr

Target purchases its Hot Wheels directly from Mattel, just like Walmart does. 

The three primary retailers that purchase Hot Wheels and Mattel goods directly from the manufacturer are Walmart, Target, and Amazon. This is primarily because these three businesses account for most of Mattel’s sales.

Once more, the fact that Target receives its deliveries straight from Mattel ensures that the Hot Wheels you receive are authentic and not copies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Buy My Collection?

You can buy from someone willing to sell their Hot Wheels collections or directly from the store. There are a few distinct paths you can go down.

Is The Number 271 Funny Car Still Worth $6000?

NO! The critical term is “Number.” 

Only when they are still on the All Blue Card with the white collector number in the lower right-hand corner are that automobile, along with all the other expensive Collector Number cars (12, 30, 47, 50, 51, etc.), they’re worth the money. 

The card entirely creates value. Only collectors seeking to finish their Collector Number package collection will pay for those cars, which came in many other packages.

Is The Date On The Bottom of The Car The Date The Car Was Made?

NO, the casting’s (the car’s design) copyright status is indicated by the date on the bottom of the vehicle. Every year, those castings are put to use.

But how can you tell when the automobile was made if the date on the bottom isn’t the date the car was made?

The only method to determine when an automobile was released is to check it out in one of the available guides or ask a passionate collector.

I Have A Bunch of Cars With Redlines on The Tires. What Are They Worth?

Everything is conditional. You have no idea how frequently someone will think their beat-up automobile is worth money despite having little to no paint on it, a smashed window, a missing hood, and just two wheels. 

Anything in that state is useless. Collectors are looking to buy cars that are in good condition, have few chips, minor wear on the decals, decent wheel centers, and are in presentable condition.

I Have Missing Car Parts. Is It Still Worth It?

That is regarded as a mistake, and in the eyes of many people, including myself, it adds nothing. Some people collect that stuff, but I doubt they spend more than a few bucks on each item.

But if the car is upside down in the package, it just happened to flip in the box while in transit, and it was nothing special. Furthermore, if you have a card with the wrong car, it is still worth it.

Some people collect items of this nature but rarely pay more than a few bucks for them. And in cases where the card has the car’s name misspelled, people will still collect them.


While Target stores have Hot Wheel cars available for purchase regularly, at least you know when they restock. We have also discussed the suitable and less competitive times of the day to buy. 

However, the Hot Wheel availability at Target is intermittent with no set schedule. There is no guarantee that the retailer will stock Hot Wheels on all the days they state. 

That said, a little research can go a long way in ensuring you’re in the store to score some Hot Wheels!

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