When Does Target Restock Pokémon Cards? (Answered)

This article is for you if you love Pokémon so much and do not know when Target will restock Pokémon cards.

People usually buy out new Pokémon cards from the shelves of the Target showrooms as soon as they arrive, which is why you need to always be on alert to grab them immediately after they’re restocked. But when does Target restock Pokémon cards?

Restocking of Pokémon cards at Target stores varies from one location to another. There are no specific times when Target does the restocking. However, when they want to restock, it is often announced before the start date.

Now, let’s quickly learn when Pokémon cards will be available in Target showrooms and how to grab them!

When Does Target Restock Pokémon Cards?

Target showrooms generally restock every Thursday and Friday night. That said, the distributing company MJ Holding restocks Pokémon cards at Target showrooms when there’s demand.

The location of Target outlets also matters as I stated earlier! For instance, the restocking frequency will be less if the outlet is located in a remote area. You can also find new Pokémon cards on Target whenever there’s a new season of the Pokémon TV show.

How Often Does Target Restock Pokémon Cards?

If you have a Target store near you, the following will help you know when the Target store in your location will have a restock of the cards, so you can determine how often to visit the store for the cards.

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1. Websites

The Target website bears the latest update on sales because Pokémon cards are a big deal for many users.

Its trading value also makes it worth sharing on the website, so when you are thinking about Pokémon cards and wondering when Target will restock them, remember to surf the internet and visit Target’s website.

2. Visit store location

Target sells other products and services aside from Pokémon cards. When you go to Target in a location close to you to purchase any item, seize the opportunity to ask when Pokémon cards will be available.

3. Social media pages

In 2021, Target announced the sale of Pokémon cards via their Twitter handle. Social media is one place to check if you want to know when sales will commence in your location; keep an eye on Target’s social media pages.

Perhaps, you may just be the first to know. We recommend you follow their handles and subscribe to their newsletter too.

Why Are Pokémon Cards So Expensive?

Pokémon cards are so expensive because they are very scarce, which is due to both scalpers and stock shortages.

Whenever Pokémon cards are restocked in most retail stores, scalpers are often quick to buy all the cards, only to sell them to others for much more than their retail price. Prices have generally skyrocketed due to this scarcity.

When Should You Visit Target to Buy Pokémon Cards?

We recommend visiting the Target store nearest you first thing in the morning to see if they have new stock of Pokémon cards. This is because Target outlets often restock Pokémon cards at night after the showroom is closed.

And remember, Target showrooms do their restocking every Thursday and Friday night, as I stated before.

You can also visit the Target stores once you hear of a new season of Pokémon, as there are often great chances of releasing new Pokémon cards during this time.

And finally, it won’t hurt to reach out to the local Target store close to you to find out how often they get new Pokémon cards.

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How Much Do Pokémon Cards Cost at Target?

The price of Pokémon cards in Target stores goes from $14.99 to $150.99. The price will depend on several factors, such as the card type, the date the card was released, the power of the card, and the character.

Does Target Sell Only Pokémon Cards?

Target sells many other items aside from Pokémon cards, and it even limits the number of Pokémon cards a customer can buy at a time.

This is to ensure that it does not violates operational guidelines or sell cards to only a few customers.

Be that as it may, there is always a rush to get the cards once sales begin. Target is an American store that sells many products and services.

It also supplies the Pokémon cards that go out of stock quickly because of the huge demand for them.

Many other platforms offer Pokémon cards, but they are not always available. There are many reasons why people need Pokémon cards.

One of these reasons is that Pokémon cards are used for trading. People buy and sell it, and it can be used to power your Pokémon for the game.

Lovers of the Pokémon game are numerous, and for some people, it is the best way to relax and even spend their childhood and free time.

Without the cards, the game would not be as exciting as it should that is why there seems to be a craze for the Pokémon card.

What Is Pokémon Trading Card Game and Its Use?

Some people are experts in Pokémon, and they adopt trading in Pokémon cards as their business. They can be traded in online stores, and the best time to buy Pokémon cards is when they go on sale, which will often be announced.

Previous Times When Target Restock Pokémon Cards

Tuesday 9 am-12 pm, Friday 3 pm to 7 pm, and 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm are the recommended times for buying the cards at Target if you really need to get them before they run out of stock. In 2021, the sales of Pokémon cards began on June 1, 2022.


Pokémon cards easily go out of stock at Target, so the question about when Target restocks Pokémon cards is answered whenever Pokémon announces sales.

Relying on the previous best times to buy the cards from Target, you will certainly get them before it goes out of stock.