When Does Walmart Restock Sport Cards?

Sport cards are regarded as General products at Walmart stores and are invariably one of the most sought-after products. 

But when does Walmart restock sport cards? We will answer this question in this article as well as other amazing General products and interesting facts about Walmart.

When Does Walmart Restock Sport Cards?

Unlike food, that’s a basic need that is required daily, which invariably makes Walmart restock it daily. Also, Sport cards aren’t a basic need.

When it comes to restocking sports cards, Walmart usually restocks them during midweek, in the time range of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays. It’s important to note that when it comes to Walmart restocking sport cards, there is usually a mix-up in the timing, which makes it more complicated. 

Due to the fact that sports cards aren’t a basic need like food which demands daily consumption, Walmart keeps some cards on the shelves for longer periods so customers can buy them before the store replenishes them.

Nevertheless, as sports card purchases go up, Walmart varies its restock schedule for these collectible items.

Despite the turmoil of the work economy that has led to a decrease in demand for so many products, sport cards are invariably sorted after.

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Categories of Sport Cards

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Below are categories of sport cards that are available at Walmart stores worldwide;

  • Football cards
  • Baseball cards
  • Panini cards
  • Basketball cards

When Does Walmart Restock Its Stock of Football Cards?

While there is no set schedule for when Walmart restocks football cards, they usually receive a shipment once a week. The shipment comes from MJ Holdings, Walmart’s sports card supplier.

We recommend going to Walmart when the doors first open, as this is when they stock their shelves with new merchandise.

While you’re there, ask your local Walmart employees if they have any information about their store’s specific schedule.

When Does Walmart Restock Its Basketball Card Inventory?

There is no set schedule for restocking baseball cards at Walmart. New shipments generally arrive at Walmart stores four to seven days per week. 

Stores stock their shelves throughout the night and early morning, and afternoon.

Customers have reported receiving varying responses from employees regarding the availability of basketball cards. 

Customers in northern America have reported that they are stocked on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Others report afternoons, and some Canadian customers report late at night.

Walmart Restock: General Products

The term “General products” refers to every non-edible product sold in Walmart stores like; toys, sports cards, umbrellas, etc.

Although General products are vital, they can’t be compared to food.

Because of this, The demand for General products isn’t as high compared to “Groceries & food; therefore, Walmart isn’t constantly restocking them.

Although its demand is seasonal, which means the way Walmart restocks general products are subject to seasons 

For example, during the rainy season, the demand for general products like umbrellas & rain boots is high, which invariably means Walmart will restock often, but when the season is over, restocking will take time.

General Products Restocking Schedule & Timing 

The most favorable time to shop for general products is in the morning. 

Walmart employees can stock efficiently since some stores close in the evening and others have substantially less traffic during the midnight shift.

They can transport toys and larger items much more easily.

The availability of commodities to replenish is also determined by the regularity with which trucks arrive at the business.

Trucks convey various things less often than crucial food. This is because common items are typically larger and heavier than veggies.

Walmart’s general products trucks often arrive three or four times each week. It also depends on how far the Walmart store is from the wholesaler. 

If the distance is great, Walmart will get fewer general merchandise shipments. As such, it will take longer for items to be restocked.

The distance of distributors contributes to how fast each Walmart store is restocked. 

In most cases, the best time to shop at Walmart for general merchandise is early in the morning, when the store first opens.

When Do Sports Card Shipments Arrive at Walmart?

Sport card shipments vary by store, but sports cards are generally stocked at Walmart and Target between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

MJ Holding distributes trading cards to retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and Meijer.


When it comes to restocking of Sport cards, the timing varies, at times, it occurs during midweeks or twice or thrice a week.

Nevertheless, sports card demand is on the increase even though it can’t be considered in the Grocery and food section.

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