How To Order Publix Sub Online

Subs from Publix Deli, also known as a Pub sub, are an excellent lunch or dinner option. You can order Publix subs online on their website 

Infant, you can personalize your sub and choose a time to pick it up; it is that simple.

In Publix, several options are available for order, such as subs with vegetables, subs in Italian, subs made of turkey, chicken tender subs, etc. However, the chicken tender sub is considered a fan-favorite deli sub.

There are also numerous toppings for pub subs, cheese, veggies, mayo,  sauces, etc. 

This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to order Publix sub online. 

How To Order Publix Sub Online

To order Publix subs online, follow the simple instructions below; 

Step 1: Start your order

Go to, and click on the subs section. It will take you to a page with a list of delicious subs you can order.

To access Publix sub sandwiches, click ‘Order Subs‘ from the top menu or ‘Order Ahead’ from the secondary menu and then ‘Subs & More‘ from the drop-down menu.

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Step 2: Build your sub

After you have chosen your sandwich, press the “Build Now” button. This allows you to customize your sandwich. 

With this feature, you can customize the sandwich’s size and the heating conditions. 

After clicking ‘Build,’ it will take you to the next page where you can build your sub sandwich and view nutritional and allergen information. 

Customers can add a drink and a side to their main order by selecting a combo option. You can also see the various calorie counts for the different types.

From the list, select your favorite sub sandwich wrap. If you are counting calories, you should also check the calorie count.

Step 3: Toppings and extras 

For the next step, you can choose extras for your Pub sub. Toppings are essential because they enhance the flavor of the sub. Choose your favorite topping from the list on the page.

You can select condiments like veggies, mayo, or other sauces, mustard, and BBQ sauce.

You can also select the type of cheese you want for your sub or choose ‘No Cheese’ if you dislike cheese. 

Moreover, there is an option for getting your sub toasted, different drinks, and chips.

Step 5: Finishing your order 

How To Order Publix Sub Online

To finish your Pub sub order after making your customized sandwich click on how many subs you want. 

You can order many subs for your family and friends or just one for yourself. When finished, click ‘Add to Order.’

The ‘Add to Order’ button opens the order slider menu from the left.

If you think something is wrong with your sub or do not want to order it, you can edit it by clicking ‘Edit’ or remove it by clicking ‘Remove.’

If everything looks good, click ‘Review and checkout’ to begin the process.

Step 6: Check out 

After reaching the checkout page, you will see the ‘Confirm store’ popup.

Choose a date and time window that works for you for in-store pickup. After that, enter your payment method and pay the price displayed on the following screen.

You can continue with the default store by clicking ‘Pick up at this store’ or choose a different store by clicking the ‘Choose a different store’ button at the bottom of the popup.

If you click the “In-Store Pickup” option, you have scheduled a pickup with Publix. But If you want your food delivered to your home or location, choose the delivery option.

If you are ready to proceed, click ‘Checkout,’ and you will see where to place your information. 

So, fill out your or the person’s information who will pick up the sub-order from the Publix store. 

Enter first name, last name, phone number, and email address, then click next.

Choose a date and time to pick up your Publix sub sandwich. Then, click the ‘Next’ button.

You can choose whether to pay online or in-store from this menu. Choose your preference and then click ‘Place order.’

What is the Estimated Wait Time to Get a Publix sub?

The estimated wait time after placing an online order at Publix Deli is twenty-five minutes.

After placing your order, the Publix store will begin preparing it, and you can pick it up or get it delivered. You can also take advantage of Publix’s curbside pickup via Instacart.


Publix has various delicious sandwich options, and with their apps or website, you can order them online. You can also get it delivered to your location or pick it up at a Publix store.

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