Where to Buy Buffalo Meat Near Me? (11 Places to Check)

Bison used to roam freely across the plains of North America, and they were a staple food for Indigenous peoples.

Hunters almost exterminated them during the 19th century. Bison are now numerous again due to the efforts of livestock farms that take great care to raise them in their natural environment.

Although bison meat is widely regarded for its health benefits, it’s still unavailable at your local grocery store. However, several websites sell bison meat that can be purchased at home.

And if you want to know “where to buy buffalo meat near me,” this article is for you!

Where to Buy Buffalo Meat Near Me

The answer to where to buy buffalo meat near me is online. The following are the best online stores where you can purchase buffalo meat near you;

1. The Buffalo Guys

The Buffalo Guys is a popular website that sells bison meat. The company was founded in 2000 by Peter Thierot and Ken Klemm, who believe bison should be raised humanely. Their farms and ranches follow a rotational grazing system.

The Buffalo Guys offer a wide range of products, including apparel and decor. 

Although their prices are higher than other online retailers, they also provide free shipping.

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2. Northstar Bison

One of the largest distributors of grass-fed American bison is NorthStar Bison. 

This family-owned business is based in Wisconsin and works with ranchers committed to sustainable practices.

Their 1,200-acre ranch features over 600 bison. Most animals are raised on the ranch’s property, and the company works with other ranchers.

NorthStar Bison is known for its impeccable customer service. They make an extra effort to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Their prices are also competitive with other online retailers.

3. Sayersbrook Bison Ranch

The Sayersbrook Ranch was originally an apple orchard. In the 1970s, it became a bison farm, offering various tours and activities. 

Some of these include fly fishing, boat trips, and sporting clays.

The farm has a wide range of bison products, such as burgers, riblets, roast beef, and hot dogs. They also offer free shipping on larger orders.

4. Nebraska Bison

The Nebraska Bison farm is located in Adams, Nebraska. A husband-and-wife team runs it. 

Due to the increasing demand for bison meat, they’ve expanded their operations.

Like other farms raising grass-fed bison, Nebraska Bison also processes its meat. 

This unique aspect of the company allows them to offer various products and lower prices than other companies.

Their shipping costs are determined by the weight of the bison, though for large orders, they offer free shipping.

5. Black Forest Bison

Black Forest Bison is a Colorado-based company that raises all of its bison on its property. Unlike other farms that raise bison, they don’t use feedlots or grain.

As a result, their animals are free to roam in their natural environment, which creates a stress-free environment.

The company’s sausages and jerky have been awarded for their quality. 

In addition, they are known for their various flavors, such as chili lime, red pepper, and teriyaki.

6. Wild Idea Buffalo Company

South Dakota-based Wild Meat Idea Buffalo is committed to sustainable practices. Their bison are free-ranging and grass-fed on their property.

They believe that this method of production is more humane than slaughtering them. 

Additionally, bison are individually harvested, which some think is more humane than killing them.

The care that goes into raising and slaughtering Wild Idea Buffalo bison is carried out through the various steps of the process, such as packaging, transportation, and butchery.

As a result, their products are available in multiple categories, such as snacks and pet treats.

7. Crowd Cow

They are also partners with fisheries and ethical farms in the country, which allows them to produce high-quality products.

As a result, their bison are free to roam in their natural environment, which creates a stress-free environment.

On their website, Crowd Cow features a cooking guide that explains how to handle their bison products properly.

However, their subscription boxes allow customers to customize their orders to ensure they have bison in their first shipment.

8. Carnivore Club

Instead of focusing on the traditional cuts of meat, such as ribs, sausages, and steaks, they provide their customers with various cured and marinated meats.

As a result, their bison are free to roam in their natural environment, which creates a stress-free environment.

In addition, one of their special boxes, the Tony Roma & Buff, features three different bison snacks.

These products are ideal for entertaining dinner parties, as they can be served with crackers, cheese, and fruits.

In addition, their subscription boxes are a great alternative to cooking. 

You can subscribe to their box and receive their products at a reduced rate or pick up one or more boxes for a single purchase.

9. Meat N’ Bone

The bison this company sources come from local family farmers in the Midwest. 

Although they have a selection of 100% grass-fed bison, most of them are fed a combination of grains and grass, which they claim enhances their flavor.

They offer a small selection of bison, such as jerky, sausage, and beefsteak.

10. Farm Foods

Their products are entirely transparent, as they only use animals that have been raised and sourced responsibly. 

They also offer a variety of unique cuts of meat, such as ground bison and sausage.

They work with several New Zealand and U.S. farms and offer free shipping on orders over $100. 

Their packaging is non-biodegradable Styrofoam, though they are currently improving this material.

11. Snake River Farm

Located in Minnesota, Snake River Farms is a grass-fed ranch that raises bison that are not injected with hormones.

Instead, they believe that allowing their animals to roam free in their natural environment helps reduce stress and enhance their flavor.

Since Snake River Farms is a small business, it has limited products. However, they ensure that their bison are treated correctly and raised responsibly.

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