Does Publix Sell Firewood? (Explained)

Publix is the biggest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States; it began as a single store in 1930. They now have 1,305 stores across the Southeastern United States in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. 

Firewood is woodcut, dried, and used to start fires. You can use firewood for cooking, camping, and general heating. But does Publix sell firewood? We will answer this question shortly.

People also use firewood to create a calming ambiance in their homes. A lot of money and effort can be saved knowing the kind of firewood that burns well. Buying lousy quality firewood could easily ruin your precious experience. 

So, if you want to learn whether Publix sell firewood, stay with me!

Does Publix Sell Firewood? 

Yes! Publix sells firewood. Publix stocks’ Simple Simon Hardwood’ firewood. This firewood is kiln-dried and heat-treated to make it pest and mold-free. 

When Do You Need Firewood?

If you want the best quality firewood, buy from reputable stores like Publix, Costco, or your local wood shop. 

Buy your firewood months before winter or camping season. To get premium firewood, avoid getting them when it’s in high demand. 

You will need firewood if your home has a fireplace or a grill or if you plan to go camping.

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Types of Firewood 

There are various choices for wood, but there are certain types that are good for burning. Mostly it depends on the people’s preferences, budgets, and usage.

1. Hard Woods

Hardwoods are woods from trees such as oaks, birch, ash, and walnuts. They are popularly used in making quality furniture. However, when used as firewood, they burn more slowly and cause hotter fires.

2. Soft Woods

Softwoods are often lighter and less dense than hardwoods, and they season much more quickly.

Therefore, they are more suitable for outdoor use since they burn faster than hardwoods and produce more smoke. Common types of softwoods are cedar, pine, and larch. 

3. Seasoned Wood

Seasoned wood is wood that has been split, left to dry, and appropriately stored for an entire year; it often has less than 40% moisture. 

4. Klin-Dried 

These are freshly cut woods heated in a kiln at a temperature between 160 and 200 degrees for 72 hours until the moisture content of the logs is below 25%.

Klin-dried firewood is valued as the most effective wood to use for burning because the wood is very light and produces little ash, and is a pest, and mold-free. 

5. Greenwoods 

Green firewood is wood that has been recently cut for less than a year and often has a moisture content of at least 50%.

As a result, they produce much smoke when burned, making them unsuitable as firewood.

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Properties of Dry and Seasoned Firewood 

Sometimes it could be tricky to spot the seasoned wood that is dry enough to burn. Still, knowing the properties will help you narrow down to select the proper logs for an efficient fire. 

Some important properties to look for are: 

Marks or cracks at the end of the log’s grain indicate dryness.

The color will change when it is dry by showing a black, gray, or dark yellowish color instead of the fresh wood’s white, light brown, and cream color. 

The dry and seasoned wood will sound hollow when you bang the two pieces of logs together. While the greenwood will sound did and dull because of the excess moisture.

Seasoned wood will easily ignite when burned. 

They also have no mold or fungus on them.

How to Dry Firewood

Firewood dried without using a kiln is known as seasoned firewood. This is something that you can do yourself.

For a season’s log, you must have at least 10% to 20% with water content before it could be considered for burning well.

Firewood seasoning techniques:

Step 1 

Chop the wood into small pieces. It makes drying faster. 

Step 2

Remove the bark of the wood. Bark will slow the drying process and easily attract insects and mold. 

Step 3 

Stacked the wood in a room with plenty of air circulation. So, store it in a garage or shed, especially during the rainy or cold seasons. Do not let the wood touch the ground; place the stacked wood on a high top. 

Step 4 

Keep the top of the wood covered, do not cover the sides.  

Step 5

Season the wood during the months with low humidity. The wood should be air-dried minimum of six months before storing them.

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Now you know that Publix sells quality firewood. So, you can purchase your firewood on their website or physical locations. Happy shopping!