Where to Buy N95 Masks Near Me? (10 Places To Look)

COVID-19 has been around for over two years, and how we navigate it has changed. For example, during the outbreak, masks were once ubiquitous in many areas, but vaccination rates have increased, and mask restrictions have been lifted.

Despite the various changes that have occurred, the coronavirus remains a threat.

Due to the emergence of new strains and variants, people must take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Therefore, this article will tell you exactly “where to buy N95 masks near me.”

Let’s get started!

Why N95 Masks?

Even before the outbreak, N95 masks were commonly used to filter airborne particles in healthcare settings.

Due to the evolution of the virus and its increasing contagiousness, experts now advocate for using both K95 and N95 masks. The CDC suggests that people above two should wear a mask that fits well and has a high community level.

The use of N95 masks has been regarded as the gold standard of face protection. According to NIOSH, these masks can effectively filter up to 95% of airborne particles.

In addition, they can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus when dealing with individuals infected with this virus. Various studies have also been conducted on the effectiveness of different masks.

The researchers were able to determine the various factors that affect the mask’s effectiveness, and N95 masks were the most effective.

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Where to Buy N95 Masks Near Me?

Some pharmacies will give you a free mask if you call in to confirm their current inventory. Several online retailers carry both N95 and KN95 masks.

These are some of the best places to buy these masks right now:

1. Bona Fide Masks

The Bona Fide brand was created by Ball Chain Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of various products such as dog tags and chains.

In addition, the company launched a line of masks in response to the lack of personal protective equipment in 2020.

Some customers noted that the shipping times for their purchases from the company were longer than usual. This is a good sign that you should order masks now instead of later.

2. The Home Depot

The Home Depot has a variety of N95 masks that are NIOSH-approved. For instance, the HDX N95 respirator mask is available for $19.98, while the Aura Particulate Respirator N95 goes for $22.98.

3. Project N95

Through its non-profit organization, Project N95 makes respirators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) accessible to those in need.

The company goes through extensive vetting procedures to ensure that the products it distributes are legitimate.

4. WellBefore

If you’re planning on purchasing a WellBefore KN95 respirator mask, you should consider getting one with adjustable straps. This brand will fit most faces.

WellBefore also offers the KN95 Kids Masks and Medical N95 Masks for those looking for more affordable options.

5. KN95 Respirator Masks for Sale

NIOSH respirator masks are available for sale with various certifications and standards. These are used by healthcare professionals such as dentists, nurses, paramedics, and police officers.

The address is 1700 Aviara Pkwy #131262, Carlsbad, CA 92013, United States, and they ship nationwide.

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6. Walmart Supercenter

Walmart has a wide selection of products to help you live better and save money. These include home appliances, electronics, toys, clothes, and video games.

Besides the items mentioned above, you can also get N95 masks in Walmart Supercenters.

7. Walgreens

Stop by the Walgreens at 301 W Main St. in Independence, Kansas 67301, to get your prescriptions filled and to shop for beauty and health products, N95 masks, et cetera.

Their pharmacy hours are: M-F 9am-1:30pm, Sa 9am-1:30pm, Su 10am-1:30pm, and 2pm-6pm.

8. CVS

The company has partnered with the CDC to provide COVID-19 testing, limited to specific individuals in certain states.

People aged ten or older, accompanied by an adult, are eligible to participate. You can also get N95 masks here.

9. AccuMed Biotech LLC

With a wide range of high-quality products, including N95 masks, AccuMed can provide its customers with the best possible health care experience.

Due to the increasing number of people who are conscious of their health, the company is constantly looking for ways to provide them with the best products.

10. Aidway Personal Care Product Inc.

The company’s LUVMED N95 respirator mask is made in the U.S., and it has a filtration efficiency rating of 95%, which NIOSH approves.

This type of mask is designed to protect you from various types of airborne particles such as pollen and dust.

Unlike other products made in other countries, the LUVMED N95 respirator masks are in stock and ready to ship.

This means you can get them much faster than those coming from outside the U.S. Despite the higher costs; the company can still create jobs for American workers.

How to Know if an N95 Mask Is Fake

Due to the increasing demand for N95 masks, counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated. This has made it harder for customers to identify if the masks they’re purchasing are authentic.

According to professionals, the difficulty in distinguishing genuine from imitation products has become more pronounced.

Although these masks may look and feel like real N95 respirators, they might not meet the standards of the organization that issues the certification for respirators. Therefore, the mask’s packaging should be labeled with the NIOSH-approved seal.

The CDC also noted that some artificial respirators feature an incorrectly spelled “NIOSH” or lack an approval number on their packaging.

In addition, masks should only be used with headbands, which means they should not have ear loops. If you’re still unsure if NIOSH approves a particular model or brand, you can check its equipment list.

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Things to Know Before Buying N95 Masks

When buying a new N95 respirator, you should also check the CDC’s list of approved respirators to ensure that the model you’re looking for has passed the organization’s tests and regulations.

Although the FDA has allowed certain industrial-type respirators to be used in emergencies, you should still check if NIOSH has approved the model.

Since NIOSH only approves products for adults, KN95 or KF94 masks designed for kids are an alternative option.

These are made from the same materials as N95 masks and can be purchased from companies such as Project N95.