Where to Buy Kasseri Cheese (10 Places to Check)

There are over a thousand types of cheese made in different countries. Their textures, flavors, and origins can be influenced by various factors such as the milk’s origin, the processing, and the butterfat content.

Although cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein, it can also be high in salt and saturated fat. This can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The article covers where to buy kasseri cheese and other interesting facts about this type of cheese.

Let’s get started!

What Is Kasseri Cheese?

Kasseri cheese refers to a type of cheese made from pasteurized or unpasteurized sheep’s milk.

It’s protected in Greece and can only be made in certain regions, such as Thessaly, Xanthi, Macedonia, Lesbos, and Thessaly.

Like other types of cheese, this type of kasseri is also known as kashkaval in the Balkans, Turkey, and Romania.

Although the same cheese can be made with cow’s milk, it can’t be labeled as Kasseri in the EU. Instead, it can only be sold under the names of the producers.

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Where to Buy Kasseri Cheese

The following are places to buy kasseri cheese;

1. Ideal Cheese Shop

This cheese shop is located in New York and has over 200 types of cheese on offer. It’s one of the best places to buy kasseri cheese. Besides cheese, the restaurant also sells other food products.

Address: The Ideal Cheese Shop is located at 942 1st Ave., New York, NY, 10022, USA.

2. Alp & Dell Cheese Store

The store features a wide range of locally produced cheeses, kasseri cheese, and other food products such as sausages, wine, and gifts.

The store staff members are knowledgeable about their products and can help you find the perfect one for your taste buds.

The store staff members are passionate about cheese and offer a wide range of different types of cheese. Look at the store’s Cheese Tour, where you can see how Roth Cheese is made.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the owner Tony for a personalized tour, as he can provide you with a customized cheese experience.

Address: The Alp & Dell Cheese Store is 657 2nd St, Monroe, WI 53566, USA.

3. Cheese Boutique

The Cheese Boutique was established in 1970 as a small pop-up store in the West Village of Toronto.

Over the years, the store has grown to become an epicurean establishment that offers a wide range of food and art.

The staff members of the store are passionate about cheese, and they offer a variety of different types of cheese. Kasseri cheese is also available in this establishment.

4. Greys Cheese & Entertaining

The GREYS Fine Cheese shop in Memphis is known for its wide selection of cheese from various countries.

The store’s cheesemonger, Kurt, works with creameries that cannot get their products into major distribution chains or stores, making their cheeses incredibly hard to find.

They also host weekly workshops to educate their customers.

Address: The Greys Cheese & Entertaining is located at 709 S Mendenhall Rd, Memphis, TN 38117, USA.

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5. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a grocery store that offers a wide range of food and services. It has various options for everyone, including organic, non-GMO, and local products.

In addition, the store features a wide range of baked goods and other food items. Its Prime members can also enjoy additional savings on certain things.

Whole Foods Market is everywhere. Walk into any branch closest to you to find your favorite kasseri cheese.

6. Caputo’s Market & Deli

Caputo’s Market & Deli staff members are passionate about their products and are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible experience.

They also hold regular workshops to educate their customers about the various aspects of cheese making.

Address: The Caputo’s Market & Deli is 314 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA.

7. Phoenicia Specialty Foods

The store features a wide range of international products, such as cheese, wine, and halal meats. It also offers grocery delivery and pickup services. In addition, they have a variety of catering options.

The store’s Deli has a salad bar open for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. This is one of Texas’s most reliable places to find kasseri cheese.

Address: The Phoenicia Specialty Foods is 12141 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, USA.

8. Walmart Supercenter

Walmart claims it has a wide range of products, including home appliances, electronics, toys, clothes, and baby gear.

It helps customers save money by making them live better. You can also find several types of cheese, including kasseri. Find one closest to you to buy kasseri cheese.

9. Alpine Express

They use vacuum bags to transport their products to minimize the effects of traveling. Some customers prefer having their cheese wrapped in cheese wrap, which they charge a small fee for.

Since they care about the cheese’s quality, they use vacuum bags to carry all their products.

Unless stated in the packaging, all cheese products sold by the store should have a best-before date of at least 14 days old.

This is only a guidance date and does not mean that the cheese is of better quality.

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10. Shisler’s Cheese House

John Shisler started the original establishment of Shisler’s Cheese House in 1958 to become one of the leading cheese companies in Ohio. 

He wanted to provide the best possible food to the people who used the Lincoln Highway.

Shisler’s establishment succeeded due to the quality of its products, the excellent customer service, and the company’s commitment to improving the cheese-making process.

Shisler’s Cheese House is owned by the third generation of the Shislers. The family members hold and operate the store, and it has a new website where customers can order their cheese and other products.

Over the years, the establishment has grown and provided its customers the best possible food. It has also expanded to a second location in nearby Copley.

Address: The Shisler’s Cheese House is located at 55 Kidron Rd, Orrville, OH 44667, USA.