Does Walmart Have Coinstar? (Here’s the Truth!)

Are you tired of collecting jars of loose change that are taking up space in your house?

Do you want to turn that change into cash without having to roll it yourself? Then you might be wondering if Walmart has a Coinstar machine. But does Walmart have coinstar machine?

Well, the good news is that Walmart does have Coinstar kiosks in many of its stores across the United States. With over 4,000 locations, Walmart is one of the largest Coinstar partners, making it easy for you to turn your coins into cash or gift cards.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about using Coinstar at Walmart, including fees, limits, and how to find a kiosk near you.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Coinstar Machine?

Does Walmart Have Coinstar

The company’s most basic description is that it is a machine that converts loose change (coins) into paper currency and gift cards and sometimes uses it to donate to charitable organizations.

It also charges a fee for the conversion of coins to the banknote.

The Coinstar Exchange is a gift card exchange operated by a coin corporation. Its kiosks can be found in front of the store.

Over 60,000 kiosks are currently operated by Coinstar in the US, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and the UK. These provide various services, such as e-payment kiosks and credit card terminals.

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Does Walmart Have Coinstar?

In most of its stores, Walmart has Coinstar kiosks located near the checkout counters. Customers will be charged an 11.9% fee when using these machines. 

They can avoid this fee by choosing the free gift card option. The limit for coins accepted at one transaction is only $2,000.

Even though Coinstar machines are located in the company’s stores, some locations do not offer the company’s services.

The machine is located near the entrance of Walmart. This store’s ground floor is where the coin machine is most of the time.

How Do You Use a Coinstar Machine at Walmart?

The Coinstar machines are simple to use and very efficient to use. You can quickly drop several coins into the tray to allow you to enter the machine.

The machine will count and read your coins. It’s recommended to feed the machine a certain amount at a time to ensure it doesn’t get overworked.

After all of your coins have been deposited, you will receive a printed receipt with the value of your coins. You can take this receipt to the customer service counter to receive the cash value.

How Much Does a Coinstar Machine Cost to Use at Walmart?

Currently, Coinstar charges a fee for the use of its machines. This rate is around 11.9 percent of the total value of the coins you’re exchanging.

For a total of $100 worth of coins, you’ll be charged a fee of around $12. You’ll receive an $88 cash value once the transaction is completed.

Can the Coinstar Machine Fee Be Avoided at Walmart?

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The machine will automatically calculate the fee based on the number of coins it has fed. However, customers can opt to receive additional options instead of cash.

For instance, customers can choose to donate their funds to charity or receive an e-gift card that can be used at various stores and restaurants.

Customers will no longer be charged the additional fee if they choose one of these two options. They will receive the full value of the transaction.

Are There Alternatives to Coinstar Machines?

If you cannot use a Coinstar machine or want to avoid the fee altogether, you can also convert your coins to cash at various financial institutions. 

These include First County Bank, Cape Bank, and American Eagle Credit Union.

These financial institutions usually charge an additional fee for non-members. However, most of them will give their valued customers the service for free.

How to Tell the Walmart Locations That Have the Coinstar Machine

Although Coinstar machines can be found in most Walmart locations in the US, not all have them.

To find a Coinstar machine in a specific area, customers can use the company’s Find A Kiosk service, which can be accessed through their computer or mobile device. It allows them to search for the nearest location by entering their zip codes.

Walmart, Coinstar, and Bitcoin

In addition, Coinstar and Walmart have started testing the use of Bitcoin in some of their stores. 

This incentive will be monitored to see if it has a positive effect. If the program has a positive outcome, it could be considered for a national roll-out.

Besides Walmart, other stores such as Target also have Coinstar machines. These establishments are currently testing the use of Bitcoin in their stores.

Due to the launch of Walmart’s Bitcoin program in select locations, Coinstar has partnered with Coinme to allow its customers to purchase Bitcoin using their coins. There is a 4% fee for Bitcoin and a 7% cash exchange fee.

To use Bitcoin in these stores, customers must create an account with Coinme and perform a Know Your Customer check.

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