Which Supermarket Has a Coin Machine? (Finding Out!)

If you have a large amount of change or coins collecting dust in your home, it’s time to turn them in to get cash.

A coin-counting machine can help you quickly count all of your coins, and if you have any old coins that you want to give up, you can use Coinstar. However, you will have to give some of them away to make the process easier.

This article covers several things about the Coin machine. It answers several coin machine-related questions, including which Supermarket has a Coin machine?

Let’s get started!

How Does a Coin Machine Work?

Which Supermarket Has a Coin Machine

Through Coinstar, you can quickly cash in your small change and get paid for it. The company claims that it will pay you the value of your coins minus a fee.

The company has kiosks in supermarkets and retail stores all across the country. 

All you have to do is drop your change into the machine, which will then sort and display your coins’ total value. You can cash them in three different ways.

You can use Coinstar as cash, a gift card, and a donation to any charity. It can be used at over 23 participating restaurants and retailers.

How to Use a Coinstar Machine

After you have found a Coinstar machine, follow the prompts on the screen to use it. You can choose a payment method, such as cash, an e-commerce gift card, or a donation. 

Accept the terms, and remove any debris that might affect the operation of the machine.

Lift the basket’s handle to ensure the coins are in the slot. Place the coins in the slot, and while you watch the amount of money being counted, double-check the bottom slot for rejected coins.

After the machine has done its job, it will display a voucher you can use to exchange for cash or get a unique code for purchasing at participating restaurants and retailers.

Which Supermarket Has a Coin Machine?

Photo by Phillip Pessar via Flickr

Several supermarkets in the United States have Coin machines. The following are some examples:

1. Walmart

In most Walmart stores, Coin has kiosks near the checkout area. This convenient feature allows customers to quickly change their coins without going through the usual process.

Although Walmart is a major retailer in the U.S., only some of its stores have Coinstar. 

To find a Coinstar kiosk in your local Walmart, you can access its Find a Kiosk service through an app or a computer.

2. King Soopers

No fees are charged at Coin kiosks in King Soopers when you use your coins to cash in for e-commerce gift cards or gift cards.

If you have a lot of change in your purse, you can use it to get an iTunes gift card. With no fee, you can quickly cash in for more than 20 brands. iTunes is just one of them.

3. Safeway

Another local grocery store that you can use to cash in your coins is Safeway. This store, which is a smaller one, mainly focuses on beauty and groceries.

Some of its stores also have pharmacies. You can usually find a Coinstar machine in this type of store.

4. ShopRite

One of the most convenient local grocery stores is ShopRite, which has over 300 branches. 

This company has made it easier for customers to buy groceries by making it easier to have them delivered to their homes. 

In addition, they also have a Coinstar machine that allows customers to cash in their coins.

Shoprite is a local grocery store in various states, such as New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. You can also find these stores in Delaware.

5. Albertsons

Albertsons grocery store chain has over 2,000 locations and serves various communities across the country.

Some of its stores can be found in Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, and other states. It also has Coinstar machines that allow customers to cash in their coins.

6. WinCo

If you reside in the western half of the U.S. and in areas such as Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Texas, you might have a WinCo location nearby.

WinCo is a grocery store that mainly focuses on fresh food. Besides fresh food, this company also sells other products, such as meat and baked goods.

In addition, they also have Coinstar machines that allow customers to dump their coins into the machine and receive cash for their value.

The team at WinCo works hard to provide its customers with as many savings as possible. 

They do so by regularly running ads and sales and giving discounts and bargains. They also offer online grocery orders, making life easier.

7. Meijer

If you live in the Midwest, you might have a local grocery store called Meijer. 

This company is a one-stop shop for your general merchandise and fresh food needs. Besides this, these stores also have Coinstar machines.

These machines allow customers to exchange their coins for cash. Once you have your money, you can go to the store and get some advice from the tax consultants of H&R Block. 

In addition, the store occasionally has other services, such as tax preparation.

8. Target

Target is a large department store that has locations all across the country. While it mainly sells groceries and produces, it’s also known for its home goods. 

According to some, Target is where people buy one thing and come back with a whole lot more.

In addition to buying groceries and produce, Target has a Coinstar machine that allows customers to cash their coins. This could be risky, especially if they tend to overpay at the store.

9. QuikTrip

As a gas station and convenience store, QuikTrip would like to help you with your coins. However, this service is only sometimes free.

During the national shortage, many stores exchanged coins for free to help people get back their money. 

However, as the shortage has improved, some stores have started charging a small fee for people to cash in their coins.

One of the stores that did this was QuikTrip. Although they may have changed their policy, you’ll still need to speak with your local branch to confirm if they’re still offering this service. There’re also Coinstar machines in some of their outlets.