Where Can I Change My Coins for Cash for Free? (6 Places)

Hey there, coin collector!

Do you have a jar full of coins that’s just collecting dust? Or maybe you’re just tired of lugging around heavy change in your pockets all day.

Whatever the case may be, you’re probably wondering where you can change your coins for cash without paying a fee. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got the answers you’re looking for!

In this article, we’ll explore all the different places where you can change your coins for cash for free.

So get ready to turn your loose change into cold hard cash, without spending a dime!

Where Can I Change My Coins for Cash for Free?

Where Can I Change My Coins for Cash for Free

The following are the best places to change your coins for cash, free of charge;

1. QuikTrip

There are places where you can get coins for free or cheap. These include a variety of gas stations and convenience stores.

QuikTrip, a combination of a gas station and convenience store, can help you with your coins.

Although they may seem like a free service, keep in mind that they can also charge a fee.

During the national shortage of coins, many stores were giving away free coins to help people exchange them.

However, now that the shortage is less severe, some stores have started charging a small fee for the coins.

One of these is QuikTrip, which may have changed its policy. You’llYou’ll need to speak to your local QuikTrip to find out if they still offer this service.

2. Wells Fargo

You must be a bank member to cash in your coins at Wells Fargo. Like several others, this service is free.

You must also put your coins in a roll before bringing them to the bank. Once inside the branch, you can ask the teller to exchange your coins for cash.

Since you’re a Wells Fargo customer, you can take advantage of the bank’s various promotions. One of these is the opportunity to open a brokerage account with them, which allows you to manage your investments completely.

They also make it easy to open an IRA. Once the amount is counted, the teller will give you the appropriate amount.

You can contact the bank’s financial advisors if you have any questions about investing or what you should do with your new cash.

3. Bank of America

Bank of America is a great place to cash in your coins for free. Since they have branches all around the country, you can still ask them to do so even if you don’t have an account with them. However, you can’t bring a bag of coins with you.

To make counting all of your coins easier, Bank of America requires you to sort them into roll after roll.

This process can help you determine how much money you have and how much you should give. You can either do this by hand or get a coin sorter. Doing it by hand is usually the best option to save on costs.

The teller will then count all your coins and give you the appropriate amount. If you do some work, Bank of America will provide you with the coins for free.

They require you to bring them this way because they need more time to sort and count them independently. In addition, they have other customers who need help.

4. US Bank

If you want to spend less time putting all your coins in the rollers, you can take them to US Bank.

They don’t require you to have them in a roll; they will sort and count them for you instead. This is ideal for people who have a huge amount of coins.

It can take a long time to sort and put your coins in the correct rollings. With US Bank, you can take them to the bank in a bag, and they don’t charge a fee to exchange them. They also have a variety of ways to reach them if you have any questions.

Besides having branches all across the country, US Bank also has an app that you can use to help you with various issues.

Although you will need to bring your coins to a branch, you can still ask questions on the app. You can also make an appointment with a financial advisor or teller.

Like Wells Fargo, US Bank has a variety of investment options. If you have many coins, you should make an appointment to have them counted.

You can also speak with a financial advisor at US Bank to get advice on how to use your new cash. The best part about using US Bank is that they are free.

5. Walmart

If you don’t have a nearby pharmacy or grocery store, then you probably have a Walmart. The company has been very successful in expanding its operations into every state.

Almost everyone is only a couple miles from a Walmart. Many Walmart stores have Coinstar machines.

With the variety of products and services offered by Walmart, you can easily spend your new cash.

You can use the Coinstar machine to deposit or withdraw coins and then shop at Walmart. The company also has a MoneyCenter that provides various financial services, such as money orders and transfers.

6. CVS

Although some stores don’t allow you to cash your coins, if the one You’re in has Coinstar, then you’re fine.

This type of coin sorter and counter will enable you to get cash based on the amount of money you put in it. Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty fee.

The benefit of using this service is that it is easy. The company charges an 11.9% fee when you exchange your coins.

For instance, if you put $100 worth of money into the machine, you’ll get $88.10 back, while Coinstar will pocket the rest.

The machine does everything for you, including counting your coins and giving you the cash you need.

This is a great place to get everything done in one go, as it allows you to do so without going through the laborious process of putting your coins into the roller. 

CVS pharmacy also provides other services, such as taking care of your medications.

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