Does Kroger Take Apple Pay? (Let’s Find Out!)

The Kroger Company is the largest supermarket by revenue in the United States. 

It also ranked fifth in the general retail industry and one of the country’s largest private employers. It is additionally one of the Fortune 500’s most prominent businesses.

If you’re a person who prefers to pay for your groceries using Apple Pay, then you might be wondering if Kroger accepts this payment method.

Since several major retailers, such as Walmart and Target, accept this type of payment, this raises the question if Kroger will also accept it. So, does Kroger take Apple Pay?

We’ll answer this question with other Kroger payment related questions in today’s article!

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay?

No, Kroger doesn’t accept Apple Pay, but there are lots of other payment methods you can use in Kroger, such as credit, debit, and prepaid cards. In addition, Kroger also accepts PayPal, Afterpay, Kroger Pay, Scan, Bag, and Go.

That said, in a tweet made in 2020, Kroger confirmed that they accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay only in their QFC stores in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re planning on using Apple Pay to make a payment at a Kroger store, it’s best to put it back in your pocket since the chain doesn’t accept this payment.

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Why Does Kroger Not Accept Apple Pay?

There are valid reasons behind Kroger’s decision not to accept Apple Pay. With that in mind, let’s consider why this payment method isn’t accepted at Kroger.

In 2020, Kroger started accepting Apple Pay at its stores. 

The company decided to stop accepting this type of payment method due to the lack of interest from its customers.

Instead, it launched its digital payment system known as Kroger Pay. Like Apple Pay, Kroger Pay also comes with various features, such as loyalty cards and membership programs.

When Will Kroger Accept Apple Pay?

Although it’s currently unavailable in Kroger stores, Apple Pay is expected to eventually be accepted as a payment method in the company’s branches.

To provide its customers with an alternative payment method, Kroger introduced Kroger Pay.

There has yet to be a clear timeline on when Kroger would begin accepting Apple Pay.

Does Kroger take Instacart Apple Pay?

After learning that Apple Pay isn’t a good option for payments at Kroger, you might wonder if the company will accept the payment method for credit and debit transactions through Instacart.

The answer is no. Apple Pay cannot make payments while buying products from Kroger using Instacart.

No matter how you use it, Apple Pay won’t work at Kroger. Instead, you can use its digital payment system, Kroger Pay, for your transactions.

What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

The company offers multiple payment methods for its customers to use while purchasing at its stores.

These include credit, debit, and prepaid cards. In addition, it accepts cash, checks, and other payment methods. 

The following are payment methods accepted at Kroger:

1. Cash

If you’re not carrying your cards, then don’t worry, as cash is one of the most convenient payment methods available at Kroger. 

It’s always in your wallet when everything seems to be going wrong.

2. Debit Card

In addition to being convenient, making payments using a debit card is similar to making a credit card purchase. 

As with credit cards, you only need to enter your pin and complete the transaction.

3. Credit Card

You can make payments using your credit card at Kroger, which is straightforward. Give your card a swipe and enter your pin to complete the transaction. 

You’ll be able to pay your bill immediately after making the purchase.


You can make payments using your EBT or SNAP card at Kroger by placing your order online through the company’s app.

You’ll then be able to confirm your order by clicking on the “EBT at pickup.” Just follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

5. Kroger Pay

If you’re unsure how to pay your bill using Kroger Pay, please contact the company to learn more about this convenient payment method.

The official website of Kroger shows you how to pay your bill using Kroger Pay. Follow the given instructions to complete the transaction.

You can access the payment method through various methods, such as Google Assistant and Siri for Android and iOS.

You can also access it through the app’s Shortcut Menu or by tapping the “Kroger Pay” button on the app’s home screen.

You can also use your biometrics or four-digit PIN to make payments. 

After you’ve completed the transaction, scan the QR Code found on your device’s scanner to present it to the cashier.

Before your transaction is finalized, you’ll have the opportunity to review your order and any digital or physical coupons loaded onto your card.

You can also complete the transaction by pressing the “Mobile” button on the checkout display.

6. Afterpay

Need help paying for something that you’re not able to afford? Afterpay can help you with your Kroger bill payments.

It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to pay additional fees.

Afterpay allows you to make payments on your orders without any additional charges.

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