Does Kroger Sell Firewood?

Kroger is a retail company in the United States with multiple stores around the country. The company is ranked as the largest supermarket operator by revenue and the fifth-largest general retailer in the United States.

When it is time for you to get warmed up with your loved ones in front of a wood-burning fireplace or to sing camp songs around a cracking firepit, where do you usually get your firewood from?

Now, if you have a Kroger outlet near you, you might wonder whether they sell firewood or where to buy lasting firewood that will last long in other to give your family and friends a lovely. But does Kroger sell firewood?

We will answer this question below and also discuss the various places you can buy firewood from!

Does Kroger Sell Firewood?

Yes! Kroger sells firewood that is durable for use. Kroger firewood is the best option that complements the heat of your needs without not spending beyond your budget.

Kroger sells an assortment of firewood such as Oaks, Pinion wood, and Enviro-log, which are suitable for barbecue grills, fireplaces, and camping. Prices of firewood sold at Kroger ranges from $24.19 to $32.95.

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What Type of Firewood Is Best For Heating?

Generally, you need to know that not all wood is suitable for burning and that not all firewood will give you the same thermal effects.

They are two types of firewood, which include dry and softwood. Also, you need to know that the terms are not exclusively in the texture of the woods. 

There is a difference in the types of wood, which could be looked at from the physical structure, density, and moisture content. Dry firewood could be characterized as wood with a high density and containing 10 and15 moisture. 

The hardwood has a more extended burning period to produce high heat. On the other side, softwoods contain higher levels of moisture. 

They are sticky and probably cause substance accumulation in the chimney, but they burn faster than the dry ones while producing an impressive flame.  

The dry wood is suitable for wood broilers and fireplaces; it burns slowly with a mild flame. In contrast, the soft type is used as fuel for the fire in combination with the hardwoods.

They are most used outdoors because of the large amount of smoke they produce. 

Common Types of Hardwood for Fireplaces 


Due to its prolonged burning time, it does not produce the maximum heat, as oak is standard firewood. Also, it produces a mild flame without unwanted sparks. 


Olive is widely used for fireplaces. It is a slow-burning wood that lights up quickly and can burn for an extended period. 

You can use the twigs as tinder and add parts for the tree’s roots, branches, or trunk.

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Common Softwoods for Burning


Cedars could efficiently emit a pleasant smell when it starts to burn, producing a small flame and lasting heat. 


It is a common kind of firewood that is used for kindling. It lights up quickly and burns fast, but you must constantly stoke the fire. 

Due to the resin content, it is not recommended for use in fireplaces, stoves, or broilers. 

When burned, it will spark that pop all around the place. Ensure to take precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the fire. 


This is the hardest local softwood as it can serve as the main firewood, mixed with hardwoods for the closed stoves. Also, it emits a lot of smoke. 


Wood Pellets are also considered firewood because they are made from wood, have low moisture content, are readily available, are renewable, and could serve as low-cost fuel.

They also burn hot and cleanly. 

Types of Firewood You Should Avoid

Many people believe they can use any wooden object available as fuel, but this perception is wrong in that such action may be dangerous to public health. 

The various types of firewood unsafe to burn include: 

1. Greenwoods 

The green, freshly cut wood has a high moisture content that is very difficult to catch fire. 

Even if it is lit up, it will give a substantial amount of smoke due to the evaporation of the liquids. 

This wood must be dried for at least 6 to 8 months before using it, while even some other wood takes two years. 

2. Processed or Painted Wood 

Many treated and painted woods have dangerous chemicals embedded in them. 

When burned, hazardous chemicals are released into the atmosphere, harming humans and the environment. 

3. Sea Wood 

The woods are washed away by the sea because it has a high salt content which makes it tedious to burn them.

In the combustion of the Seawood, there may be a release of dioxins which are carcinogenic substances. 

4. Huge Logs 

You will need to cut the stumps into smaller pieces before you throw them to fire with a diameter bigger than 20 cm (0.7 feet). 

Many believe throwing many logs into the fire will produce more flame. But, moreover, that is not the case. 

You will have the opposite of the results you are looking for; that is why it is necessary to have a handy chainsaw for cases like this. 

Benefits of Firewood 

1. Environmental Benefits 

There are noteworthy environmental benefits to burning firewood. When trees decompose, they release carbon dioxide, which is also the same if burned, making it carbon neutral.

This is because they don’t harm the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Compare this to fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil, which contain carbon in their fundamental chemical composition, and when these fuels burn, carbon is released as carbon dioxide.

2. It Helps to Reduce Energy Consumption 

Those that burn firewood during cold weather helps them save amount on electricity and gas bills because they are not relying on their furnaces or electric baseboard heaters in the heat homes.

Using electric baseboard heating at home as a source of heating is expensive. However, it helps to reduce electricity consumption by burning firewood.

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Without a doubt, Kroger sells firewood that you can use inside or outside to entertain your family and friends without freezing in the cold weather.