Does Foodsco Take Apple Pay?

Apple pay is common and widely accepted by many well-established retailers. This may make you wonder if an established company like Foods Co will accept Apple pay in their stores for transactions. So, does Foodsco take Apple Pay? We’ll find out shortly!

Foods Co is a subsidiary of Kroger company, an American retail giant. They are centrally in northern and central California.

There are about 20 Foods Co retail stores in the states from October 10, 2022. The States that have the most locations in the US are the California retail stores. 

Big companies like Foods Co have the mindset of remaining innovative and strive to keep the customer shopping experience simple and as easy as possible. 

Apple pay has become one of the most common payment methods in the United States because it is simple and convenient.

Apple Pay Overview

Apple pay is a contactless payment technology for Apple devices. It was designed for customers to take physical wallets into the world where you use the debit and credit cards on your iPhone or Apple watch.

It will allow you to make payments using the device instead of cards.

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Does Foodsco Take Apple Pay?

Kroger, the company of Foods Co, announced in 2020 that they will start experimenting with ApplePay in 61 locations. There has yet to be an update on this information from the company.

Foods Co accepts all other major debits, credit, and American Express cards, as well as cash, checks, and money order for payment, but they do not accept apple pay at present.

For the contactless payment option, they have ‘Kroger Pay’ to make a purchase in all their stores, including subsidiaries.

Where Can You Use Apple Pay?

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Apple pay works in most places that accept contactless payment. If you see the contactless payments symbol or the Apple pay symbol near the readers to check out, that will accept the Apple pay. 

Using this mode of payment is supported by hundreds of thousands of stores and worldwide restaurants. For example, more than 75% of stores and restaurants in the US support the use of Apple pay.

In the UK, it is 85%, while in Australia, the percentage is 99% for stores and restaurants. 

Some stores that accept Apply pay include McDonald’s, Subway, Duane Reade, Disney, Staples, Unleashed, Walgreen and Bloomingdales, CVS, Target, Wholefoods, etc. 

You can also use Apple pay with many apps and through the safari web browser, even on public transport and with some non-profit organizations like cancer research UK, WaterAid, etc.

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Is There a Limit for What You Can Pay With Apple Pay For in Foods?

There are transaction restrictions on your Apple Pay in some countries. You could be required to enter your PIN.

In addition, it might occasionally be necessary to use a different form of payment or sign a receipt. For example, in the US, you might need to produce a signature for purchases totaling more than $50.

What Apps Support the Apple Pay? 

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Various apps help to support Apple pay, shopping apps, service apps, and spanning travel apps.

Here are some of a few apps that help support Apple pay: the Apple store, Zara, ASOS, Emirates,, and StubHub. 

How to Set Apple Pay Up on an iPhone 

All you need is to use the Apple Wallet app to set up your Apple pay on your iPhone or iPad. Then, store your credit and debit cards by pulling the data to authenticate Apple Pay to pay for the goods. So, for the Apple Wallet, will the. 

On your iPhone, makes sure you open your wallet. If it is on an iPad, go to the setting > wallet & Apple pay. 

Make sure you add the credit & debit card or the “+” in the top right corner and hit “continue.”

You can use your device camera to capture credit, debit, or store card information. Make sure you fill in all the additional information that is needed. 

Your bank will help you to verify your necessary information. However, you could need to provide additional verification.

This can mean you have to phone your bank or receive a text message with a unique code you need to enter. 

Processes of doing this depend on the kind of bank you are using. You can tap next when your card is verified and start using your Apple Pay.

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Now that you know the various payments for Foods Co., you can visit their website to check for more payment options and the terrific rewards you get for shopping.