Does Costco Sell Dry Ice? (Let’s Find Out!)

Dry Ice is a multi-purpose product used for cutting fluid, laboratory purposes, preservation, and the list continues.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is dry ice, does not have a liquid state at normal atmospheric pressure and instead sublimates immediately from the solid state to the gas state, and it is frequently used for short-term refrigeration.

But where can you buy dry ice? Does Costco sell dry ice?

In this article, I’ll answer that question and share great facts ranging from Dry Ice’s usefulness and more.

Does Costco Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Costco sell dry ice and you can get good dry ice from there. However, you can’t compare Costco to stores like Walmart, which sells Dry Ice across all their stores.

How Much is Dry Ice at Costco?

There’s no fixed price for dry Ice sold at Costco stores. Generally, dry Ice sold at Costco is priced by weight, and the cost varies depending on the quantity you need.

It’s cheaper to purchase Dry Ice online from the Costco website. You can get dry Ice online for as low as $1 per pound.

The only drawback is that you must meet their target. The minimum order requirement is about 10 to 25 pounds per order. Costco shipping fees are also subject to the shipping distance and delivery speed. 

Buying online is feasible when you need to purchase Dry Ice in large quantities.

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What Are Dry Ice Used For?

Below are the usefulness of quality Dry Ice that you can buy at some Costco stores.

1. Degassing

The extensive vapor of Dry Ice forms carbon dioxide that helps in depression. When removing glasses from tanks, you can rely on dry Ice.

2. Laboratory Uses

Chemicals are the major components of dry Ice, most of the mixtures that aid freezing in laboratories are processed with dry Ice.

3. Cutting Fluid

Dry Ice is broadly accepted compared to other traditional methods when cutting fluid because of its durability.

4. Carbonated Drinks

It will interest you that all carbonated drinks have been processed with Dry Ice.

Because those carbonated drinks are made with dry Ice, the liquid absorbs this carbon dioxide gas and becomes carbonated.

5. Chemotherapy

Dry Ice is beneficial for some products, like cold caps made with dry Ice, which have been introduced in the chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

Patients must wear these caps before, during, and after their chemotherapy sessions.

Because of Dry Ice’s ability to sustain cold, these caps narrow down on the scalp, thus reducing the flow of blood.

It’s exciting to note that these chemicals prevent hair follicles from reaching, reducing hair fall considerably.

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6. Dry Ice Bomb

Did you know that a sealed bottle filled with Dry Ice and water is used to create a balloon-like device known as a Dry Ice Bomb?

These are explosive devices used in construction. Also, simple Water rockets can be made with Dry Ice. 

7. Preservation

This is one of the essential things Dry Ice is used for. 

For frozen food to withstand a long journey with melting, all thanks should be allocated to the preserving ability of Dry Ice.

One major advantage of using dry Ice is that it does not change the quality or taste of the preserved material.

It kills insects and microbes. Hence, it is also used to preserve biological materials in labs.

8. Plant Growth

When dry Ice is adequately supplied, it produces carbon dioxide that helps to facilitate plant growth. 

Based on this fact, I will categorically state that when you want your plant to grow, Dry Ice should come to your mind.

This is also achieved if you add small pellets of Dry Ice to be placed close to the plants.

9. Clinical

Dry Ice is also used occasionally in an attempt to remove warts. 

Although, many experts prefer liquid nitrogen for this role owing to its lower temperature. Yet, dry Ice is used sometimes as it is easy to store. 

10. Plumbing

Amazingly Dry Ice is used to freeze the water supply. 

This aids the plumbers in working without actually shutting the water mains. This is applicable for pipes up to a diameter of above 3 inches.

11. Refrigeration

This is one of the most essential benefits of using dry Ice. It is used in non-cyclic refrigeration. 

It is used to transport items such as ice creams, frozen foods, and meat for a very long distance.

Also, it helps in transporting medicinal products such as vaccines by maintaining ultra-cold temperatures.

12. Rodenticide

Dry Ice is well maximized during mass-scale eradication of rodents. 

The full pellets of dry Ice are carefully slipped into the tunnels full of rodents.

After this, the tunnels are well sealed, which aids the release of carbon dioxide that causes them to suffocate to death.

13. Fog Machines

Most of those artificial fog used for display or experiment is meticulously preferred with Dry Ice.

Likewise, the effect is also used in nightclubs and spooky houses for stimulating effects.

This fog is produced by placing blocks of dry Ice in water that brings out immense clouds of white smoke, giving fairy effects.

14. Mosquito Repellant

After testing about 14 remedies used at home, here’s the outcome of the result regarding what works and does work.

Carbon dioxide naturally attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes usually bite humans by the attraction of carbon dioxide they breathe out. 

Therefore, mosquitoes can be strategically dealt with by inserting dry ice particles around the house.

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Some stores in Costco sell Dry Ice. Even though it can’t be compared to what is obtainable at bigger supermarkets like Walmart & Kroger, Costco dry ice is of excellent quality.

The dry Ice sold at Costco can serve different purposes, such as refrigeration, preservation, blast cleaning, degassing, etc.