Does Costco Sell Firewood?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse club started in 1976 and committed to offering its customers the most affordable pricing on high-quality name-brand goods. They have more than 800 locations across the globe.

Costco offers a large variety of products, as well as the ease of specialty sections and exclusive member services, all of which are intended to make your shopping experience enjoyable. But does Costco sell firewood?

We will answer this question shortly down this article. Firewood has been a trending talk for a good reason: they have a low carbon footprint. In addition, they are helpful for camping, grilling, and fireplaces.

What Is Firewood?

Firewood is the kind of wood that is burned to give energy. It could be used for cooking, generating, and cooking power.

Firewood comes in various forms: charcoal, pelleted, sawdust, and wood chips.

The rising fuel and electricity prices have motivated more homeowners to use wood-burning fireplaces and stoves to supplement the heat in their homes.

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Does Costco Sell Firewood?

Yes, Costco sells quality firewood. However, they don’t sell wood logs but charcoal logs made from hardwood and wood pellets.

Types of Firewood 

Firewood can be classified under the type of wood or the drying process. Under types of wood, firewood can be Hardwood or softwood, while drying process woods can be seasoned, un-seasoned (also called greenwood), or kiln-dried.  

The hard and softwood are the natural logs you cut directly from the tee and could be categorized as the type of tree from which they are cut. Examples of hardwoods are maple, oak, and walnuts, while softwoods are pine, aspen, and poplar. 

The difference between hard and softwood is how they burn. Hardwood burns longer and cleaner, while softwood burns faster and produces much smoke.

Also, Hardwood is denser and is heavy and harder. Therefore, when you hold the piece in your hand, you will know whether the wood is of decent weight. 

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been sun-dried for more than a year, while wood that is dried using a kiln is referred to as kiln-dried.

The difference between this type of wood is its moisture content. Seasoned wood has about 20% moisture, while kiln-dried logs can have 10-15% moisture.

Types of Firewood That Costco Sells

1. Charcoal Logs

Costco stock up on charcoal logs and not ordinary wood logs. This potent, all-natural grilling charcoal is made entirely from hardwood sawdust without synthetic chemicals. The price per pound is $2.85

Qualities of the charcoal logs sold at Costco are;  

Even-Heat: the uniformly sized blocks allow for an even distribution of heat.

No chemicals: the wood is 100% Natural. 100% hardwood, recycled from whole lumber, no chemicals, no binders.

Clean Burn. It produces low ash and little to no smoke when cooking.

Extremely Versatile. It can be used in grills, smokers, and outdoor ovens.

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2. Wood Pellets

Essentially, wood pellets are small granules of wood. They can function in ordinary wood stoves if necessary.

Still, they are intended to be burned in pellet stoves, specialized heaters, and even unique grills.

The wood pellets sold at Costco are made from 100% food-grade Hardwood with a combination of Cherry, Hickory, and Maple.

It is ideal for cooking such as; BBQing, grilling, smoking, baking, and roasting. Costco’s 33-pound bag of wood pellets costs $27.99, with shipping included. 

Guide on Firewood

Firewood sold at stores will be seasoned; this means that it will be adequately dried and fit for burning. However, you should check your firewood to know which is best for your needs.

Here is a general guide on buying, storing, and using your firewood:

Use hardwoods for cooking and fireplaces; they make hotter fires and burn slower than other types of firewood.

Hardwoods like oak and maple are not a good fuel for the comparatively moderate spring and fall temperatures. 

This is because of their high density; it makes it difficult to regulate heat production.

Softwoods like poplar, aspen, willow, spruce, and pine are preferable when there is less requirement for heat because they fire quickly and burn fast. They also do not leave a substantial amount of ash.

Never keep a pile of firewood on the ground for longer than a few days. Mold and insects are attracted fast to wet wood on the floor.

Wood should be placed in a place that is open to the wind and sun.

Mold and insect infestation are less likely to occur in very dry wood.

Avoid keeping a lot of wood indoors since it might attract mold spores and moisture, which could be dangerous for those with asthma or other lung conditions.

Bring in only one or two weeks’ worth of wood at a time to warm it up before burning.

The firewood length needs to be at least 3″ shorter than the firebox. Shorter pieces, between 14″ and 16″, are simpler to handle and are better for fire maintenance.

What To Have In Mind When Buying Firewood 

The prices of firewood in Costco vary due to the size and weight of what you buy. But, as we all know, it is in the winter season that we need the firewood most. 

Before you purchase your firewood, make sure you consider the basic financial principle of supply and demand. As we know that during the winter, the demand will increase rapidly. 

That is why you need to start to plan during the summer season, which will help you. Also, firewood prices vary depending on the location you find yourself. 

In those cold places, the demand for firewood will be higher; therefore, the firewood will be more expensive than in those areas that are not so cold. 

If you live far away from the source of the wood, it will also affect the price of transport as transport is quite a significant factor. 

Different wood types have different prices, and Hardwood is always more expensive than softwood. 

It is always cheaper when you buy in large quantities. So, what you buy will affect the cost.

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The Aroma Of The Firewood 

The firewood you use will have a distinct smell, which could affect your home’s environment. 

That is why some people choose a specific type of wood based on its fragrance. If you want a kind of wood that would give your house a lovely scent.

Apple Junior, Osage, Cherry-Red Cedar, and orange wood are the best to burn.  

Beech, Chestnut, coffee tree, elm, maple, basswood, walnut, and pine trees produce a pleasant scent but are not rated as aromatic. 

To improve the smell of other firewood, add citrus peels, pine cones, dried herbs, and fragrant oils to your burning fire. 


Fire has been part of human history for as long as anyone can remember. Before the invention of modern stoves and heaters, firewood was used to make fire.

Now that Costco sells firewood, you can consider them when shopping for firewood.