Does CVS Sell Squishmallows? (Yes, But Read This First)

The company, which used to be known as Consumer Value Store, is a chain of retail stores that sells prescription drugs. It also sells various other products, such as cosmetics and greeting cards. But does CVS sell squishmallows?

Yes, the company also has a toy section that features various characters from its line of squishmallows.

The super-soft toys have become very popular among adults and kids. If you are a collector of these toys, you should visit the store to get them.

Now, let’s quickly discuss how to buy squishmallows at CVS stores!

What are Squishmallows?

Kids and adults love these soft and cute squishmallows, often found in different characters.

Some people collect these toys and create their characters. If you’re one of these individuals, you can check out the collections of CVS stores that carry these toys.

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Does CVS Sell Squishmallows in Store?

Does CVS Sell Squishmallows

In addition to selling prescription drugs, the company also has a variety of characters from its line of squishmallows. You can find these toys at any of the company’s stores near you.

Although some people might think that the company doesn’t sell these toys due to the nature of its stores, you can still find them in its toy section.

Does CVS Sell Squishmallows Online?

Although you can buy these toys from the company’s website, they have a limited selection. Sometimes, buying from physical stores might be the best option.

What Squishmallows Does CVS Have?

You can find various characters online and in stores from the company’s line of squishmallows.

The store also has a character called Stacey the Squid, a popular and rare addition to the company’s line of squishmallows

Although it can be purchased offline and online, it’s best to visit a physical store near you.

What Size Squishmallows Are Available at CVS?

The toys come in various sizes, ranging from 5 inches to 20-inch. You’ll also find them in 16-inch and 12-inch variants at the store.

The size of the Squishmallows also affects their cost. For instance, a Disney Dumbo 5-inch will cost you less than a 16-inch version.

Are Squishmallows Usually Out of Stock at CVS?

Although the toys are usually in stock at the store, some popular characters get out of their supply early. If you’re a fan of these toys, you should contact the store to restock them.

Depending on availability, the company usually restocks the soft toys once or twice a week. You can check their availability online or in the stores.

How Much Do Squishmallows Cost at CVS?

The price of the Squishmallows may also vary depending on their size. For instance, if the toy is a 5-inch version, it may cost you around $19.99, while others might go as high as $40 at the store.

The price of the Squishmallows is subject to change. But, compared to other stores, they’re cheaper at CVS.

Does CVS Sell Fake Squishmallows?

CVS doesn’t sell fake Squishmallows. The original Squishmallows are the property of Kelly Toys, which is why the store is associated with them.

Due to the popularity of the Squishmallows, there has been a rise in fake versions sold online. 

If you’re planning on buying one from an online retailer, be aware of the fakes.

Before buying a Squishmallow, ensure that the company’s official website has the correct information about the character you’re looking for.

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