Where to Find Barley in Grocery Stores (Explained)

When you walk into a grocery store, barley won’t just be displayed in the first section. Although barley is popular, you still need some knowledge about where to find barley in grocery stores.

That is precisely what we have set out to do in this article: to help you find barley easily. So, where can barely be found in a grocery store?

In most stores, barley can be found in the following sections: grains section, bulk section, soup section, and breakfast section.

Where to Find Barley in Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have different sections where you can search for barley. Here we will present them where they can be easily found.

  • Grains section: The first place barley can be found in a grocery is the grain section. If you find the dried beans and rice, look very closely, the barley is near
  • Bulk section: Didn’t you find the barley in the grain section? The bulk section is the next place to look. Not all grocery that has a bulk section. But if the one you went to has it, it may have barley
  • Soup section: The soup section is often the most used in groceries because it has ingredients that are frequently used
  • Breakfast section: If you can’t find it in all the above sections, be rest assured that it is in the breakfast section. If it is not found in this section, it is most likely not in stock in that grocery

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Grocery Stores That Sell Barley

1. Amazon

Amazon sells different brands of barley. As one of the largest online stores, it allows for online orders and delivery.

2. Walmart

Walmart equally has barley of different brands. You can check online to find the Walmart store closer to your location.

Walmart equally offers delivery option, so you can explore that too, just in case you won’t be at the store.

3. Target

If you’ve ever been to the rice and beans section of Target stores, you won’t have any trouble finding them because they are placed in the rice and beans section. The section is also known as the grain section.

4. Wegmans

In the Wegmans store, the bulk section houses a variety of barley brands like the Quaker barley and the barley called the bob’s red mill.

5. Whole Foods

Barley is often found in the rice and beans section in Whole Foods. But you can check the bulk sections if you want to purchase large quantities.

6. Kroger

Kroger has many brands of barley for consumers. The store offers varieties to help customers have a great shopping experience.

7. Safeway

Safeway store always has barely in good supply. Like other stores, there are many brands that you can choose from.

A handful of other stores sell barely, which we haven’t mentioned here. Perhaps it is because most of them are online when you search for stores near your location.

If you happen to visit a store that is not on this list, you can rely on our guide to find where to find barley in the grocery store.

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What is Barley Used For?

Let’s do a quick highlight of some critical use of barley. You may learn about one of its uses that you did not know about.

  • Use barley to make a soup: Barley is known by many people as food for breakfast. Little wonder it is placed in the food section of many stores. It is a good soup ingredient. This is because of its texture
  • Salad preparation: Barley is a perfect replacement for rice when preparing a salad. Tired of old recipes? Try barley
  • Cereal preparation: If you have discovered another way to use barley, this might interest you Cook and serve your barley with milk for breakfast, and you’ll be glad to have a great meal

What Can I Use Instead of Barley?

Sometimes you may want to try an alternative to barley. It’s not a bad idea to do so. Some products work as great as barley.

Try pearl barley which is readily available and commonly used. Also, Arborio rice and buckwheat grouts are an excellent alternative to barley.