Where to Buy Raclette Cheese (Best 7 Places)

A dairy product, cheese is made from a combination of fat and protein from milk. Usually, the milk used for making cheese is from cows, buffalos, sheep, and goats.

During the production process, the casein is acidified. The resulting product has various flavors and textures.

After the solid milk components are separated, they are pressed into cheese. Some types of cheeses have aromatic molds on their rinds.

In this article, we will discuss where to buy raclette cheese so that you can easily get it whenever you need it!

What Is Raclette Cheese?

The word raclette comes from the French word for scrape, meaning to scrape. It refers to removing the cheese’s melted part from its half-wheel after it has been heated. It was invented in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, raclette is a type of post-ski meal that’s commonly prepared with half-wheel cheese.

In the past, this dish was usually held up to the fire to get its melty and nice taste. Nowadays, restaurants serve this dish using a special type of heating apparatus.

Although the term raclette refers to a specific type of cheese, it’s also used to refer to a dish usually prepared with raclette cheese. This dish is a traditional Swiss meal.

The ingredients used for preparing raclette are usually chosen from various sources. Some of these include boiled potatoes, Swiss-cured meat, and different types of ham.

Bundnerfleisch, a cured meat made from beef, is also a local favorite. White onions and cornichon pickles are also used to add a bit of vinegar to the dish.

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Where to Buy Raclette Cheese?

The following are places you can get raclette cheese near you;

1. RacletteCorner

You can find various raclette machines and accessories, such as cheese melters, grills, scrapers, and more.

They also have authentic raclette cheese from France and Switzerland. If you’re planning on trying the meal, this is one of the few places that serve this type of cheese.

All the raclette machines made by Swissmar and TTM are in stock and will be delivered the next business day. They also have gift sets that can be customized.

They have imported raclette cheese from France and Switzerland. These cheeses are made from various parts of France and Switzerland and are commonly used for preparing this dish.

They come in various sizes and are available in traditional wheels or square blocks.

2. Murray’s

Unless stated otherwise, Murray’s cheeses are usually shipped in small increments. A half-wheel of French raclette measures around 7 pounds, while a quarter wheel is 3.5 pounds.

If you would like to request a whole wheel or an intact portion, please get in touch with the company’s team at orders@murrrayscheese.com. They have some of the best Raclette cheese in the country.

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3. Amazon

You can get anything on Amazon. There are different brands of raclette cheese available on Amazon at varying prices.

They range from $24 to $30. If you want this cheese, go to the Amazon website and order.

4. Alp and Dell Cheese Store

Esther and Tony Zgraggen came to the US from Switzerland in the 1980s. After running a dairy farm for several years, they decided to purchase the Alp and Dell Cheese Store in Madison in April 2009.

The couple had initially been away from the dairy industry for a long time, but they eventually found their way back to cheese.

Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy industry, the Alp and Dell Cheese Store are in Green County.

There are over 400 dairy farms that produce over 530 million pounds of milk annually, and 13 cheese factories are located in this region. Master cheesemakers are working to turn the fresh farm product into Green Country Gold.

The store’s selection and price are known for being among the best in the area. They have a well-balanced selection of wines and beers from around the world.

In addition to their local cheese, they also have a variety of imported cheeses from various European countries, such as raclette cheese.

In 2011, the Midwest magazine named the store one of the best places to visit in the Midwest.

5. Shisler’s Cheese House

John Shisler opened the original Shisler’s Cheese House in 1958 in an attempt to become one of the top cheese companies in Ohio.

His goal was to provide the best food and drink to the people who passed the Lincoln Highway.

The store’s success was attributed to the quality of its products and the excellent customer service that Shisler and his team provided.

They were also committed to doing something right in the cheese-making industry.

The store is currently owned and operated by the Shislers’ third generation. Over the years, the company has become one of the best cheese companies in Ohio.

It has also expanded to include a second location in nearby Copley, owned and operated by family members.

In addition, they have a new website that allows customers to order their cheese and other local fares. This is one of the best places to get raclette cheese.

6. Trader Joe’s

The store’s raclette cheese is made from soft and savory cheese that can be sliced and ready to melt over various types of food, such as potatoes, vegetables, and even the contents of their spicy uncured charcuterie selection.

You can easily prepare these slices by placing them under the broiler for around three to five minutes. You can also use a heavy frying pan or a skillet to melt the cheese.

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7. Alpine Express

Since they care about the quality of the cheese they make, they use vacuum bags to transport all of their products to minimize the impact of traveling.

However, some customers prefer to have their cheese wrapped in cheese wrap. There is a small fee they charge to accommodate this request.

Unless stated in the packaging, all of the store’s cheese products should have a best-before date of 14 days.

This is typically only a guidance date, and it does not mean that the cheese will be of better quality.