Where to Buy Crystals Near Me (9 Ideal Places)

Crystals are used for numerous reasons, like healing and decorations or as collectible items. For years, people have been drawn to crystals and stones, their ability to impact your energy, give clarity and protection, heal or cleanse the soul. 

Whether you are getting them with a specific intention in your mind, it could be daunting to search for crystals when you don’t know how to start or don’t have a favorite source yet.

So much shopping has gone online; you can easily purchase your crystals online too. 

Shopping for crystals online is just as fun as finding them in real life; scrolling through the inventories of well-stock shops will guide you to have a perfect new crystal. 

If you’re looking for where to buy crystals near me, this article is for you.

Where to Buy Crystals Near Me

These are the various online stores to buy crystals. 

1. Aum & Garden 

The Aum & Garden is a boutique that sells things you need to make your home and garden look beautiful. 

They have a small online crystal selection, inexpensive pieces, and larger and rarer stones.

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2. House of Intuition 

The house of intuition has a good reputation for providing spiritual wellness and guidance that offers everything from healing baths to candles in online classes. 

They are based in Los Angeles and have a high-quality crystal stash available online for interested people to buy. 

House of intuition crystal inventory includes the benefit and description of each stone, which includes the connection they have with chakra. 

3. The Sage Goddess 

They have a vast collection of different types of crystals, from stone slabs and fossils to carvings and pillars. 

Visiting the sage goddess website is a great source when you know the kind of crystal you want to buy as you are looking for unique features. 

4. Energy Muse 

Maybe you don’t know how to start while searching for crystals to buy; the crystal muse has a glossary on the right stone you are looking for. 

Crystal muse uses a label for eating crystal with keywords, making it easy for you to find what you want. 

They are well-stocked on touchstones, crystal goods, and phone cases. 

5. Sun, Moon & Earth 

Etsy is the best place to shop around and find stores that sell crystals; Sun Moon & Earth is among the best shops in Esty. 

In addition to offering genuine natural crystals, they sell tumble crystal chips that are pyramids and smooth stones. 

They are the perfect online destination whether you are a first-time crystal buyer or looking for something great for your collection. 

6. Shiny Happy Spirit House 

The Shiny Happy Spirit House has an impressive collection of exciting and unique crystals to buy. 

You could spend long hours lost in their inventory, ranging from affordable to rare. 

7. Mandala Gems 

They are full of smudge kits and perfumes, as Mandela Gems has an extensive collection of ethical source crystals and gems you can quickly get online.

8. Bliss Crystals 

The bliss crystals are well-known as large pieces of eye-catching crystal; they give small crystal and healing bracelets made of stones like quartz and tiger eye. 

The label inventory will guide you to the exact place when you seek a crystal compatible with the star sign or welcomes some specific energy. 

9. Moonrise Crystals 

The Moonrise crystals have well-detailed information about the source of each crystal as they have some crystal index that divides the stone with their healing abilities that have various beautiful polished crystals. 

Types of Crystals 

Crystals have diverse varieties: jasper, citrine, quartz, obsidian, amethyst, turquoise, and more. 

Moreover, crystals could be broken down into four basic types based on the atoms used to create them and their bonds. 

1. Covalent Crystals 

Covalent crystals are those crystals that are bonded together with covalent bonds. The bonds are strong and brittle since the atoms share electrons to create the bond. 

When the atoms are packed together and covalently bonded, the materials are harder to break, like the diamond and quartz. 

2. Ionic Crystals 

As the covalent crystals use covalent bonds, it will be better if the ionic crystals are created with ionic bonds. 

Ionic crystals have solid crystals with a high melting point that hold them together by the attraction of the ions (i.e., positive to negative). Commonly, ionic crystals are found in salt shakers. 

3. Metallic Crystals 

When we talk about crystals, metal is what comes to your mind, but that is precisely what metallic crystals are composed of. 

They are made of metals that are held together using metallic bonds. As a result, the crystals have a shiny appearance with gold, copper, aluminum, and iron. 

If you want to know some of the exams for metallic crystals, you can take a look at a wedding band or car. 

4. Molecular Crystals 

Molecular crystals are the weakest among all the crystals. It is held together by weak hydrogen bonds and molecular crystals with low boiling points, breaking it apart relatively quickly. 

You can even easily break it apart with your hands. Dry ice is an excellent example of molecular crystals. You might even find molecular crystals in the pantry as rock candy.

How to Select Your Crystal

You must first identify the problems you are facing, things missing from your life, and what the stones could provide. 

Immediately identify the problem, and let your intuition choose the best for you. 

Commonly, the crystals attract you, so when you feel the pull, you will know whether the crystal is right for you or not. 

How to Take Care of Crystal

When you purchase your crystal before using it, you should cleanse all the negativity that will have picked up before reaching you. 

To clean the stone, you should be able to hold it under cold water to rinse it. Natural sources of water will clean all the negative energy that it has. 

Also, you can use a bit of sea salt to get rid of negative energies. 


Buying crystals is always a profoundly personal journey; you are the only that can choose your crystal. 

The stores mentioned above will help greatly in your search for where to buy crystals and their online resources will make it easier to find the exact crystal you want.

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