Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me (Key Locations)

The relief is coming, and the pursuit of summer is still on…road trips, pool time, day outings, and that long weekend at the lake are all still in front of us.

The best way to tie everything up and make it a memory for a lifetime is by bringing along some prearranged bags of ice.

But do you know where to get those ice packs?

If you don’t, in this article, we’ll be discussing where to buy bags of ice near me – disclosing shops and locations within your vicinity.

And our first recommendation is your local grocery store. You can readily get bags of ice in almost any grocery or convenience store at a particular section. Although, the price can vary depending on the size you want.

We’ll discuss all of that on this page!

Where To Buy Bags Of Ice Near Me 

There are several places where you can buy bags of ice near me.

Grocery stores sell ice that comes in all shapes and sizes. From small local stores to giant chains, there are many options for buying ice at the grocery.

The first place you should check is your local supermarket.

This includes Large chains like Publix, Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, Meijer, Target, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Food Lion, Food Giant, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, HY-VEE, H-E-B, Albertsons, Shoprite, Sam’s Club, and many more.

Many of these stores even offer self-service machines where you can fill up your bags with ice or purchase them pre-packed in bags or containers.

If you don’t have access to any of these large chain grocery stores, then another option is buying ice from a vending machine (if there are any nearby).

These vending machines typically sell bagged or bulk ice for a reasonable price and can be found anywhere.

If neither of these options sounds appealing, consider ordering online from an online retailer like Amazon or Walmart instead!

These companies have a wide variety of frozen products available, so finding something close enough might not be too hard for most people!

You might also find bag of ice at convenience stores or gas stations. Below is a list of some convenience stores that ALWAYS have bags of ice.

  • Walgreens
  • Family Express
  • Wawa
  • 7 Eleven
  • Circle K
  • Kwik Trip
  • Cumberland Farms

Meanwhile, plenty of people need them for camping trips or other outdoor activities, which can be easily located in the nearest gas stations.

You can also find them online if you’re looking for something specific like “bulk bagged ice” or “bags of crushed ice” (make sure that whatever brand names come up when searching for these terms are reputable).

However, if this isn’t convenient for you, stick to the grocery store.

Does Mcdonald’s Still Sell Bags Of Ice For A Dollar?

It’s true; you can still get a bag of ice at McDonald’s for just a buck. The fast-food giant is known for keeping its prices affordable, even in the face of rising costs.

It’s one of the reasons they’re so popular with customers—people like knowing they can get good food at low prices.

Some people wonder if this will change in 2022, but we don’t think it will. McDonald’s has been selling bags of ice for a dollar since its inception, and there’s no indication that they’ll stop anytime soon.

How Much Ice Do I Need For A Party?

If you’re hosting a party, you might be wondering how much ice to buy. The answer depends on the type of drinks you’re serving and the number of people coming. 

If you have many people coming over and you’ll be serving beer or wine, you’ll need more ice than if it’s just a few friends coming over for cocktails.

The size of your ice machine will also play a role in how much ice you need. For example, if you have an ice machine that produces one pound of ice per hour, you’ll need about 15 pounds for every 50 guests.

What Can You Use Bag Of Ice For?

You can use a bag of ice for a lot of things.

A bag of ice is a convenient way to keep your food cold or frozen, and it’s great for homemakers and business owners who want to save money on their utilities.

It’s also good for people who live in areas that have unpredictable weather patterns because they can never be sure how much ice they’ll need at any given time.

Aside from that, it can reduce swelling, as ice helps constrict blood vessels and decrease fluid flow in the affected area.

Ice can reduce pain and inflammation, which can help to relieve symptoms of various ailments such as arthritis, muscle soreness, and joint pain.

It can also treat insect bites or stings by placing them directly on the bite or sting for several minutes. This will slow down your body’s reaction to the bite or sting and prevent further swelling from occurring.

Does Ice Get Old?

Not necessarily! 

Bags of ice are made from water, so they have a limited shelf life. As time goes on, the water will evaporate, and the bag will lose weight. When this happens, it’s time to throw away your bag of ice and get a new one.

The best way to tell if a bag of ice is still good is to look at its weight. If it’s noticeably lighter than before, it has lost enough water that it might be time to replace it.

Is Bagged Ice Safe To Use In Drinks?

 Yes, bagged ice is safe to use in drinks.

Bagged ice is made from purified water, frozen into cubes, and packaged in plastic bags. The water used to make bagged ice is often bottled spring water or distilled water, considered safe to drink.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that bagged ice is safe in beverages because it contains no harmful contaminants.


To conclude, buying from the store is not ideal because ice melts quickly. A better option is to purchase an ice pack—reusable—and refill it with bags of ice whenever needed.

You have guaranteed access to ice, which is just as important as having a freezer or refrigerator at home.

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