Does CVS Sell Firewood?

CVS is one of the popular retail corporations that deal in drugs across numerous states in the United States.

CVS Pharmacy was formerly known as Consumer Value Stores from 1963–1969. This is also the full meaning of the abbreviation CVS.

It’s interesting to note that CVS is a household name in America, with over 9,000 locations in the US; when it comes to quality and pocket-friendly products, CVS tops the ranks.

Aside from products available in drugstores, CVS also sells amazing items. But does CVS sell firewood? Keep reading because the answer you seek is in this article.

Facts About CVS Pharmacy

In no particular order, I will outline the amazing achievements of CVS Pharmacy. One hallmark of CVS as an establishment is Excellence, which invariably leads them to achieve so much.

In 2015, CVS Pharmacy developed an alternate version of its CVS Pharmacy locations dubbed CVS Pharmacy y más, mainly geared at wooing Hispanic consumers.

The initial shops were founded in Florida and extended to California, Puerto Rico, Texas, and New Jersey. CVS has over 9,000 outlets across the United States of America 

The website of CVS Pharmacy gets a massive audience based on its database. The websites welcome a minimum of 24 million visitors annually by 2009.

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Does CVS Sell Firewood?

Although CVS sells many products that aren’t related to its core products (drugs and pharmaceutical products). They sell canned soup, laundry detergent, toothpaste, kitchen utensils, and many products.

Unfortunately, as of the day this article was written, CVS does not sell firewood.

Nevertheless, CVS offers amazing products that may interest you.

Let’s look at some amazing achievements of CVS Pharmacy, Shortcomings, products you should buy, and products you shouldn’t buy.

Things You Can Buy from CVS

The major reason I suggest you buy products from CVS is that their prices can’t be compared to other retail corporations worldwide.

Also, keep in mind that aside from the fact that you can get this product very cheap at CVS, the quality of these products is in place.

Let’s dive into the products you should buy from CVS instead of other retail corporations;

1. Peanut Butter

CVS has the best deal for you when it comes to buying peanut butter. CVS typically offers discounts on a range of goods to lure people inside the shop.

In a price comparison by, peanut butter was $0.30 cheaper at CVS than at Walgreens.

2. Alcohol

While other drinks may not provide you a big discount at CVS, the alcohol undoubtedly can. 

Top brands are regularly on sale, and buyers report getting cash back on booze purchases when using an app like Ibotta.

3. Razors

Combining coupons with CVS rewards points is the secret to obtaining excellent savings on razors.

According to Shareably, CVS typically has 20% off bargains that save you around $1 more for each refill cartridge than other major shops.

4. Paper Towels

According to Jon Lal, creator and CEO of, paper towels are often offered at a reasonable price at CVS, and its store brand is highly regarded in quality.

A Consumer Reports magazine evaluation of 21 paper towel products revealed that CVS-brand Big Quilts was one of three recommended to customers for its capacity to clean and contain water.

5. Diapers & Baby Wipers

In a pricing comparison of multiple pharmacy shops in June 2019, the Krazy Coupon Lady concluded that CVS was the best spot to purchase diapers and baby wipes than Walgreens and Rite Aid.

To obtain the greatest value, the site proposes combining reduced pricing, coupons, and incentives provided at CVS to save at least 60%.

6. Toothpaste

There’s no necessity to stock up on toothpaste at warehouse shops to get the biggest bang for your dollars.

According to Mary Potter Kenyon, author of “Coupon Crazy: The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America’s Extreme Obsession,” couponing at the appropriate time is the key to finding the greatest bargains on toiletries and other common essentials like toothpaste at CVS.

Other savings gurus have also stated that “toothpaste is all no more than $0.50 or free” when “purchased on big bargains with coupons and occasionally in-store rebates as well.”

7. Milk

While CVS may not be the first store to spring to mind for perishable items, it’s a fantastic location to stop and buy milk.

“When we compared the price of milk at CVS to our local, huge grocery store, it was $2.20 cheaper,” a savings expert told HuffPost. 

This is because milk is a traffic generator for prescription drugs and other costlier commodities.

Things You Should Not Buy From CVS

Although these things are accessible at CVS, I believe it’s cheaper to acquire them from other retail locations.

Generic Prescription Medicines

Surprisingly, CVS is not the greatest site to acquire prescription medicines at a fair price. 

In a 2013 Consumer Affairs investigation, CVS was determined to have the highest prescription pricing among all drugstores in the study.

Hair Styling Tools

CVS offers hair styling equipment for purchase, but they don’t have much choice of brands.

At the time of writing, CVS is presently offering just three brands of hair dryers on its website, while other shops like Bed Bath & Beyond are giving 20 or more brands to pick from.

Though CVS sells various Conair hairstyle equipment, they frequently receive bad reviews complaining of hair damage and malfunctioning items.

Holiday Décor

Unless it’s a post-holiday clearance sale, looking for Christmas décor at other stores before CVS is wise.

Discount retailers like Kmart, TJMaxx, and HomeGoods are recognized for offering amazing savings on Christmas decorations and a greater assortment of goods to pick from.


By now, you should have known the answer to the big question, “Does CVS sells firewood?

Even though CVS doesn’t sell firewood, there are tons of amazing products you should consider buying from them.

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