Where to Buy Beef Plate Short Ribs (10 Places to Look)

The term beef refers to the Meat that comes from cattle. Humans first domesticated aurochs during the prehistoric era, and various breeds have been bred to increase their Meat quality.

Today, beef is one of the most consumed meats in the world. The United States, China, and Brazil are some of the countries that produce the most beef. Cuts of beef are usually used for various dishes, such as steaks.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn where to buy beef plate short ribs, this article is for you!

What Are Beef Plate Short Ribs?

A short rib is a type of Meat that comes from the lower portion of the cow’s rib cage. The fat content of beef short ribs is high.

It’s thick and often sits on top of the bones. This type of Meat is commonly used in low-and-slow cooking techniques. It can be prepared in different ways, such as braising or smoking.

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Where to Buy Beef Plate Short Ribs

The following are places where you can buy beef plate short ribs;

1. Central Meats & Almost Catered

Central Meats & Almost Catered aims to provide the best quality meat to its customers. All of the company’s products are free of preservatives and additives.

They also randomly check the Meat for E-Coli and antibiotics. All of our purchases are 100% guaranteed.

Address: The Central Meats & Almost Catered is located at 1120 Kempsville Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23320, USA.

2. Pete’s Meats & Grill

Pete’s Meats was founded in 2006 to provide the best quality meat to its customers. 

Through their passion for discovering the world’s most unique flavors, they have created unique food experiences that are unavailable in other areas.

You can also get the best beef plate short ribs here.

Address: The Pete’s Meats & Grill is located at 1471 NJ-23, Wayne, NJ 07470, USA.

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3. The Meat Shop of Indianapolis

The Meat Shop is a local business that serves the needs of its customers by providing the best quality meat at the lowest prices.

It is also one of the best places to get beef plate short ribs. It’s also the place to go if you want to wow your neighbors with a backyard barbecue or fill that icebox with affordable Meat.

Address: The Meat Shop of Indianapolis is located at 1221 S High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA.

4. Vincent’s Meat Market

At Vincent’s Meat Market, you’ll find USDA prime cuts of beef short ribs that are incredibly easy to prepare.

These cuts of Meat come from the cow’s plate, ribs, or brisket areas. When cooked in moist heat, these cuts of Meat will fall off the bone and become tender. This experience is what people love about this type of Meat.

Their USDA prime beef short ribs are available for purchase online or in their Bronx butcher shop. They can be prepared in various ways, such as with a flavorful spice mix or a sweet and savory sauce.

Stop by their store for a personal experience, or order them through our website.

Address: The Vincent’s Meat Market is located at 2374 Arthur Ave, The Bronx, NY 10458, USA.

5. Meat N’ Bone

Meat N’ Bone is an online butcher shop with a wide range of premium meat products. 

If you’re in the market for a great experience, head to their store and experience their selection of over 300 meats.

Address: The Meat N’ Bone is located at 2229 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145, USA.

6. Carolina Butcher Shop

They are an online butcher, local butcher shop, and meat market located in Angier, North Carolina.

They cater to customers who live or work in areas such as Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Clayton, Cary, Raleigh, and more.

Their customers love to order their Meat online so they can pick it up whenever they want.

Their meat market features high-quality frozen and fresh meat packages such as beef plate short ribs and NC seafood at a great price.

The CBS Meats store has weekly meat specials that are sure to be hard to refuse. They carry a wide range of cuts of Meat, such as fresh turkey, grass-fed Baldwin Beef, and IBP Pork.

One visit to their store will show you that they only sell the best cuts.

Address: The Carolina Butcher Shop is located at 1501 N Raleigh St # D, Angier, NC 27501, USA.

7. Paulina Market

The Paulina Market is a traditional German butcher shop in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood. 

They offer a wide range of different types of Meat, such as beef plate short ribs, homemade sausages, frozen meals, and fresh meats.

Address: The Paulina Market is located at 3501 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, USA.

8. Hamm’s Meat + Market – Butcher Shop & Custom Meats

Family-owned and operated, Hamm’s Meat + Market is a butcher shop that carries a wide range of different types of Meat, such as chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.

They also offer a variety of other food items, such as house-made sausages, cheese, and smoked chicken salad.

Address: The Hamm’s Meat + Market – Butcher Shop & Custom Meats is located at 307 W Louisiana St, McKinney, TX 75069, USA.

9. Tillman’s Meats & Country Store

They carry a wide range of different types of Meat, such as fresh-cut meats, dry-aged beef, and imported beef.

They also have a variety of exotic meats, such as elk, bear, camel, and more. They also smoke their meats and sausages.

The facility is known for its ability to process various wild games. They also have a bakery that produces various home-style, preservative-free products, such as cookies, bars, and pies.

Their in-house shop features a wide selection of sauces, rubs, and other food items.

Address: The Tillman’s Meats & Country Store located at 10177 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257, USA.

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10. Halteman Family Meats

Locally owned and operated, Lancaster County Butchers offers the highest quality cuts of Meat, such as prime beef, pork, and poultry. They can be found at the Historic Reading Terminal Market.

Address: The Halteman Family Meats is located at 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA.