When Does Lululemon Restock? (Exact Date & Time)

One of Canada’s largest athletic apparel retailers, Lululemon, has a wide range of products, and it’s always good to know when they restock so you don’t waste your time going to the store when they’re out of stock.

But when does Lululemon restork? Lululemon basically restocks their stores weekly, depending on the demand for certain items.

Sometimes, they receive new shipments daily. So to ensure you get the best shopping experience, choose the best time and deal for your needs.

It’s also worth mentioning that Lululemon changes its restocking schedule, depending on the location of its stores. 

This guide will help you to understand exactly when Lululemon restocks and how you can get the best possible shopping experience.

When Does Lululemon Restock?

When Does Lululemon Restock

Lululemon restocks their stores every Tuesday afternoon or evening, at around 5 pm Eastern time, 2 pm Pacific time, or 4 pm Central time. This means that Lululemon restock new inventory every week.

And some times Lululemon restocks two to three times a week, depending on the demand for their products.

Although the company has yet to set a specific schedule regarding when it will restock, you can still get notified by signing up.

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How to Get Restock Notifications on Lululemon

You can also get restock notifications by signing up for a payment plan and selecting a product you want to purchase. 

After registering, enter the link you want to submit to get the product.

After you have submitted the link, you will receive a notification once the products are back in the store.

When Does Lululemon Restock Online?

As of 2022, Lululemon restocks its products online two times a week. 

The company noted that it might receive a new shipment on Tuesday, depending on the demand for its products.

The Lululemon truck usually arrives at its destination around 3 to 6 pm. Sometimes, it can take longer due to various factors, such as traffic delays.

Can You Return or Exchange Items at Lululemon?

Despite the high prices, Lululemon’s clothes are still very high quality. This is why the company has a lenient return policy.

If something goes wrong with your purchase, you can return it to the store for a repair or replacement. 

Just ensure the item is in its original condition and has no signs of a snag or a malfunction.

An employee of the company noted that Lululemon would take almost any item that’s not in its original condition, even if it’s outside its return and exchange policy window.

The company will give you a free repair or replacement if the product is not functional. In addition, the company will sell all of its products for free.

If you have any stitching issues with your favorite Lululemon item, bring it to the store, and they will fix it.

Can I Still Buy Sold Out In-Store Sale Items?

Most of Lululemon’s popular sizes usually sell out when the company drops a sale. 

However, you can still buy the clothes you prefer even if the ones in your local store are already out of stock by using a process known as charge send.

A charge send is a method that allows you to buy an item over the phone and can be used on sale or regular products. You can use this method on out-of-stock sale items.

You can use the app to check if the products you’re looking for are available in another location. 

Then, you can call the store where you want to buy the item to see if it’s still available.

Every Lululemon store offers free shipping. In addition, the company will send paid products to your door, and you can get a free bag with every purchase.

What Happens if In-Store Items Appear Cheaper Online

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Lululemon doesn’t want to mislead its customers. If you find an item that’s cheaper online, the store will match the price in-store.

The same applies to purchases made through the store’s website. Bring the receipt with you to the store, and the people there will honor the lower price.

How to Get a Discount

If you’re trying to save money, consider getting a discounted gift card from Lululemon. Several websites, such as Gift Card Granny, can help you find great savings.

You can save around 5% on your purchase by using one of these sites, and you won’t have to wait for your card to arrive in the mail.

Military/First Responders & Health Care Worker Discounts

For military and first responders, veterans, and spouses of all North American service members, as well as those working in long-term care facilities, acute care facilities, and hospitals, the company provides a 25% discount.

To take advantage of this perk, you must present a valid government-issued ID at the time of purchase.

Does Lululemon Restock Every Day?

Unlike Target and Walmart, Lululemon doesn’t restock every day. They receive new shipments on Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Depending on the demand for their products, Lululemon restocks three times a week. 

If you’re planning on shopping at Lululemon, you can expect to find the best selection on Wednesday mornings.

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