Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Grocery Stores

Eggroll is a meal that is delicious to eat because of the ingredients that are used to prepare it. It can be more appealing when well packaged in egg roll wrappers. More so when it is to be used in an occasion or event.

Where to find egg roll wrappers in a grocery store can be difficult if you are trying them out for the first time. Also, if someone else has been doing the shopping for you, you may not have the slightest idea about how where to find it.

There won’t be a problem after reading this. In grocery stores, items are arranged based on their nature and relationship to other items. It is not just packaging but a storage measure too.

Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Grocery Stores

Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Grocery Stores

So, all you need is to know where grocery stores will likely store egg roll wrappers. From experience, eggroll wrappers can be found in the grocery stores’ refrigeration section, produce section, deli section, dairy section, and ethnic food section.

Refrigeration section

So, you can find eggroll wrappers in the refrigeration area. As speculated, you will find it hidden among vegetables and dairy products because of its nature.

The reason why egg roll wrappers are stored in the refrigerator section is that they are perishable.

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Produce section

This section in your local grocery store contains different food wrappers, including foreign dishes.

So if you did not find the egg roll wrappers in the refrigeration section, you would find them here, but if it is still not found, there are other places.

Deli section

This section has ready-to-take food and can contain eggroll wrappers too because it can store them in a refrigerated place like in the refrigeration section.


The arrangements of products at local diary stores may vary, but if you are yet to find them, don’t hesitate to check the diary section. It may just be right there, where other dairy products are displayed.

Ethnic food section

The ethnic food section often contains different types of food, both local and foreign, and the mere fact that it is a refrigerated section as well increases the likelihood that the egg roll wrappers can be found there.

How To Identify Egg Roll Wrappers In Grocery Stores

To identify egg roll wrappers, you must understand their sizes, feel and shape. They are often square in shape, and they look like pasta sheets that are made using dough. The fresh look of egg roll wrappers is also another way to identify them.

You can distinguish them from other wrappers like spring roll wrappers by their thickness. Egg roll wrappers are made from ingredients such as egg water and all-purpose flour mixed together to form a condiment.

Where To Buy Egg Roll Wrappers Near Me?

Egg roll wrappers are sold in many stores, and you can find one nearest to you by searching the internet. You’ll find a list of all the grocery stores nearby, particularly those with egg roll wrappers.

Aside from searching online, the popular grocery stores often have an adequate supply of egg roll wrappers. However, it is more common in grocery stores that sell mainly Asian foods.

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Please note that there are different brands of egg roll wrappers. So, you must be specific about the brand you want before going to the grocery store.

While searching online for each of them may wear you out, you can contact a few large stores to know if they have the brand of egg roll wrappers you are looking for before going to the grocery store.

As you now know, egg roll wrappers are not difficult to find if you have the right information!