Does Walmart Sell Firewood? (Let’s Find Out!)

During the winter, there’s this sense of urgency to bundle up in your old winter clothes, make a steaming mug of hot cocoa, and sit by a roaring fire. 

But, oh, no! You have forgotten to buy firewood – no need to say goodbye to your cold winter dreams just yet since you have a Walmart store around your neighbourhood that you can buy from. But wait, does Walmart sell firewood?

In this article, we will tell you if Walmart sells firewood and the kind they sell.

Let’s get started!

Does Walmart Sell Firewood?

Yes, Walmart sells firewood, so you can always get your firewood at any Walmart outlet. You can either purchase a bundle of wood or have the store cut you a custom size.

The store gives various fire-related items like lighters, matches, and kindling. 

Purchasing firewood from Walmart is a good choice for individuals that want to save money even when living in a friendly environment. 

Firewood is not expensive, and they are available in large quantities. In addition, they have a warranty that ensures the wood is dry and burns when needed. 

Also, they have a wide range of alternatives of woods like; pine, oak, and aspen. 

Walmart Firewood is an excellent option to complement your heating needs while remaining within your budget.

Firewood and Its Uses 

Firewood is a renewable resource that can be used in various ways. You can use it to produce heat and light. It could be burned to provide warmth and be used as cooking fuel. 

Firewood is good fuel for the fire pit or wood-burning stove and a good source of heat when camping. 

Stacking your firewood to access the pieces when you need them in haste is good.

Firewood in Walmart 

Walmart is a company that has been in the news for sustainability efforts. They have a goal for the careworn nature in the coming years and are taking the necessary steps to achieve it. 

The company uses firewood as one of the renewable energy sources. It is made up of trees, cut down, and used as plant fuel. 

Walmart has created partnerships with various companies, including forestry groups, to ensure that their firewood comes from a sustainable source. 

Types of Firewood Sold at Walmart 

Walmart sells various firewood, from seasoned to unseasoned, hand-split, and pre-split woods. 

Unseasoned wood is newly cut wood that hasn’t had enough time to dry out enough to burn successfully, whereas seasoned firewood has been placed outside to dry out for an extended time.

Pre-split wood is split by machine before it can be sold to the customers; hand-split wood is wood trunks that customers can break to their preferred size. 

Purchasing firewood is not only enough but also necessary to have a storage strategy to allow it to be kept for some time. 

How to Keep Your Wood Prepared for Freezing Conditions 

What you need to remember is that the wood should always be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area. 

If you live in a wet environment, you must keep your wood indoors. However, if your home does not have enough space, you can place the wood outdoors on a covered patio or porch. 

Always remember that when the temperature drops below, it will freeze outside, and the moisture from the air will condense on the surface of your wood and cause it to swell up and crack. 

To prevent this, you must keep the wood dry by storing it in a sealed container like a plastic bin or covering it with plastic wrap before putting it outside. 

Benefits of Using Firewood 

In ancient times, they were used for generating energy, lighting, and heating.  Firewood is a good alternative energy source for supplying power to your property. 

It reduces the reliance on coal and gas for the process. Here are some of the benefits of firewood includes the following:

1. Renewable 

Firewood is both a sustainable and renewable energy resource. 

When the trees are chopped down, they are replanted to replenish the forest and ensure the necessary number of trees are available to provide a clean natural source of oxygen in the atmosphere. 

2. Reduce the Utility Costs. 

It will not cost you a penny if you pick up wood from the forest floor to use the fuel for the fire. 

Firewood can help your home’s energy consumption to reduce the utility bills even further by improving the heat and power of your property more efficiently than gas or electric alternatives. 

3. Energy Independence

Using firewood as the home’s primary energy and heating source will give you essential energy independence. 

You don’t have to rely on the energy market to fuel your home and prevent the risk of being affected by blackouts, with issues with the energy supply. 

You have a consistent energy source no matter what the weather conditions. 

4. Ambiance 

Using firewood to heat your home provides the additional comfort and ambiance natural resources offer. 

Natural fire is warm, inviting, and able to fill the room with a unique ambiance that is incapable of being replicated by the artificial heating of the lights of the applications. 

5. Carbon Natural 

When the fire burns, it would not increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to make it a carbon-neutral process. 

The burning of wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as rotting wood on the forest floor. 

This means you can quickly burn the wood or leave it to rot and produce the same carbon emissions, either way; you contribute the same carbon emissions. 

The carbon dioxide released during the burning process for the same carbon dioxide absorbed in the tree during its lifespan when rendering the carbon neutral. 


Without a doubt, Walmart sells quality firewood which you can easily purchase in the cold season.

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