Where To Find Chimichurri Sauce In Grocery Stores

If Chimichurri sauce is something you’ve been looking for in grocery stores, I’d say you stick around till the end of this article because that’s all we’d be discussing.

You can find chimichurri sauce in the produce section of your grocery store. You usually see it under the “salad dressing” section or other marinades.

However, we’re not just talking about where to find chimichurri sauce in grocery stores but also answering some of the frequently asked questions about this heavenly sauce.

So sure, there MUST be a thing or two to learn about your favorite chimichurri sauce.

What Is Chimichurri Sauce?

Chimichurri sauce is a spicy, herby condiment made with fresh chili peppers, garlic, herbs, vinegar, and olive oil that brightens up whatever it touches.

This condiment originates in Argentina and is now used across the world.n

Although there are many different versions of chimichurri, such as Basil, Jalapeño, Rosemary, Ramp, Kale chimichurri, and Smoky red chimichurri sauce. But they all have the same essential ingredients.

Furthermore, Chimichurri sauce can be used just like any other type of sauce.

You can put it over grilled meat, vegetables, or fish for dinner or use it as a marinade for chicken breasts, pork chops, and even ice cream!

You can also add it to salads at lunchtime if you want some extra flavor without having to worry about calories!

However, the amounts of each ingredient can vary depending on what you’re using them for — you may want to use more parsley if you’re making a pasta sauce than if you’re making a salad dressing.

And it’s important to taste test it before adding it to your dish to ensure it doesn’t overpower any other flavors in there already!

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Where To Find Chimichurri Sauce In Grocery Stores

Finding the proper chimichurri sauce can be a challenge. You need to find a brand that tastes good, has a nice texture, and is affordable.

Fortunately, there are several places you can shop for this sauce in the grocery.

Simply head to the sauces aisle or the Mexican section.

You’ll have access to different brands to choose one that fits your needs and budget. But not every grocer carries this scares staple.

Here are the top five stores you can ALWAYS bet to see different chimichurri sauce in stock:

Grocery Stores That Sell Chimichurri Sauce

1. Walmart (Goya Chimichurri Sauce)

We know that buying Chimichurri Sauce can be a little bit confusing sometimes. But this rare commodity can be found in Walmart at all times.

Walmart sells several types of chimichurri sauce from brands like A1 Steak Sauce and Goya Spanish Chimichurri Sauce.

You’ll find these brands in the condiment aisle at Walmart stores nationwide.

2. Ralphs (Gaucho Ranch Original Chimichurri Sauce)

You can find this product at Ralphs throughout the year, particularly the Gaucho Ranch Original Chimichurri Sauce.

You can find it in the store’s olive oil or condiment aisle next to other great options like EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

3. Citarella

Chimichurri is available in many grocery stores, including Citarella, which is sold in the condiments aisle.

We recommend buying it through Citarella because they have tons of great products and will arrive at your door faster than ordering online!

4. Harris Teeter (“Badia” Chimichurri Sauce)

Harris Teeter is a family-owned grocery store that sells thousands of products, including Chimichurri Sauce.

And no store sells the “Badia” Chimichurri Sauce better than Harris teeter. They always have them abundantly in stock all year round.

Aside from that, they have different sauces, so you can find one that fits your preferences and needs!

5. La Porteña

La Porteña sells Chimichurri Sauce, and they have some great options.

If you love chimichurri sauce but don’t like the idea of paying a lot for just one jar, La Porteña’s got your back. The company will sell you small packages of their product at a great price per ounce.

You can also buy in bulk for a relatively low amount.

6. Amazon

Amazon’s is chimichurri sauce final bus stop!

If you’re looking for this sauce to make your life easier without spending much, look no further than Amazon.

Amazon’s price is just meager for today’s world!

Moreover, they’ve got tons of different versions of Chimichurri Sauce to choose from, including both traditional recipes and more modern takes on the classic dish.

They also have a wide variety of other sauces that would make great additions to your pantries, such as pesto sauce (which can be used on pasta) and soy sauce (great for stir-fries).

Although, there are other trustworthy stores you can venture to for some chimichurri sauce, such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway, Publix, The Latin Grocery Store, and Target.

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Related Questions

What Is Chimichurri Taste Like?

The best way to describe Chimichurri sauce is that it has a herby and fragrant taste, with a slight kick.

This is due to its combination of fresh cilantro, parsley pack, and other flavors.

Is Chimichurri Spicy Or Hot?

Chimichurri is similar to pesto in that its flavor comes from the herbs used to make it; however, pesto uses basil for its flavor base.

I’d say it’s both spicy and hot because it has this herby, garlicky, spicy, and tangy flavor.

What Can I Use Instead Of Chimichurri?

You might be wondering if there is a substitute for chimichurri sauce.

Well, many alternatives can take their place in your pantry or at least be used as a vehicle for other ingredients in your dishes. Here are some things to try instead:

  • Salsa Verde
  •  Harissa
  • Romesco Sauce

How Long Will Chimichurri Last?

Chimichurri sauce can last for about 2 to3 weeks in the refrigerator, which is excellent if you want to store it for later use.

There are ways to lengthen its shelf life: Freezing.

Chimichurri can be stored in the freezer if you use fresh ingredients, and make sure they are appropriately sealed before they go into storage.

But have it at the back of your mind that Chimichurri sauce evolves in flavor as it ages.


As you can see, you’re not stuck without it.

Just check your grocery store’s Latin or international isles for a bottle. If you can’t find it there, look for the above online stores.

But the end game is to avoid the packaged chimichurri sauce with additives and flavorings because this guide is about: making more authentic chimichurri from scratch!