Is DoorDash Safe? (All You Need To Know)

It’s a fair question to ask whether or not DoorDash is safe. 

You might be a potential Dasher or a customer who’s looking to order food through the platform.

While it’s important to consider safety when it comes to working for or ordering through DoorDash, it’s also important to know what the company is doing to ensure you are safe.

Besides the drivers, other factors such as the condition of the food and the time it takes to deliver it are also taken into account to see if the service is trustworthy. But is Doordash safe?

We will discuss the safety and legitimacy of Doordash in this article!

Is DoorDash Safe?

Is Doordash Safe

Yes, DoorDash is safe for drivers and customers who use it. At a minimum, it’s as safe as other food delivery services such as Grubhub and Uber Eats in the US.

DoorDash takes the necessary steps to ensure its customers are safe when ordering food through the platform. On the other hand, restaurants take the steps required to ensure that their food is delivered safely.

Although there have been food tampering involving drivers, these are rare and do not happen to most customers. 

The risk of food tampering is the same whether you order food through DoorDash or a restaurant. DoorDash has taken the necessary steps to make its drivers safer. 

In addition, the company has recently added safety features that allow Dashers to call for help or get help.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the various steps DoorDash has taken to make its app and delivery experience as safe as possible.

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Is DoorDash Safe for Customers?

In addition, the company has also taken the necessary steps to make its app safer since the pandemic affected how people order food. 

The following are reasons why DoorDash is safe for customers:

1. Drivers Go Through Background Checks

Before a potential DoorDash driver can start working for the company, they must pass a background check. The company uses a company called Checkr, which does criminal and motor vehicle checks.

Any driver with a complicated criminal history or major vehicle infractions will not be considered for the job.

2. Most Restaurants Seal the Food in the Bag

Most restaurants place orders inside the bag before giving the food to the driver, which makes it harder for them to open the bag and tamper with the food.

The food is usually sealed with a sticker or a stapled shut, and this method makes it harder for the driver to open the bag.

3. Customer Phone Numbers Are Hidden

Although DoorDash drivers can call their customers, their phone numbers are hidden. 

When a Dasher calls you, the delivery driver only sees the company’s number.

This means that customers can’t see the driver’s number, and they can’t see the customer’s phone number either.

Hiding your phone number is important if you’re worried about getting harassed by drivers or receiving spam calls.

4. Customers Can Request Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery is a method that allows customers to receive their orders without having to interact with the delivery driver. 

This is a safer way to collect their orders, and it’s also more convenient.

Is DoorDash Safe for Drivers?

To make its drivers safer, DoorDash has added several safety features over the years. 

One of these is SafeDash, which allows drivers to call 911 or request help from an agent through the app.

The SafeDash features can be found in the Dasher app, which has a shield symbol at the top.

You can request a call back from an agent or ask for help from an agent. To request a call back from an agent, tap the button that appears in the top right corner.

The second option allows you to call 911 if you need help quickly. 

If you activate this feature, your provider, such as ADT, will call the emergency service on your behalf and provide you with your location.

In addition to SafeDash, DoorDash has also introduced a new feature called SafeChat, designed to help drivers keep their safety in mind. 

According to the company, this feature will allow them to flag inappropriate customer messages.

On the customer side, DoorDash has also added a feature that will remind customers to turn on their lights when ordering food. 

This can help the company’s agents find the customer’s address.

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