Where to Buy Chicken Wings Flats Only Near Me

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? They are a great snack and an ideal treat to eat on a cold day. Chicken flats are the best choice compared to the other parts of the wings, such as the tips and drumettes.

But the problem is that not many people know exactly the best places to buy chicken wings flats. So, where do you go when you need it?

Not to worry, this post will reveal to you “where to buy chicken wings flats only near me,” and we’ll also discuss the various types of chicken wing flats.

Let’s get started!

What Are Chicken Wing Flats?

The middle part of the chicken wings, also known as chicken wingettes, is between the drumette and the tip. These are flat, which is the reason why they are called that.

These are fried chicken wings coated in a batter and deep-fried until they reach a crisp outer layer. The high skin-to-meat ratio and the flavorful taste of these chicken wings make them an ideal snack.

The flat shape of the chicken wing flat helps it hold the dressing or sauce well. Also, compared to the drumette cuts, the meat of the wingettes has less cartilage. This makes it easier to remove.

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How Many Calories Do Chicken Wing Flats Possess?

The chicken wing flat has a high amount of skin compared to the meat. This means that it is high in fat and calories. However, since the flat portion is small, its total calories are relatively low.

The serving size of a raw chicken wing flat is about four ounces. This means that it has about 210 calories. 

The most delicious part of the wing is the skin between the tip and the drumette.

Some people might think they should remove the skin from the chicken wing flat to reduce the fat content. However, this is not the case.

Where to Buy Chicken Wings Flats Only Near Me

Since chicken wing flats are trendy, they can be purchased almost anywhere in the US. There are several places where you can find the best chicken wing flat.

The following are places to buy chicken wing flats near me;

1. Grocery Store

Most supermarkets and grocery stores also carry chicken wing flat products. They can also provide you with different types of chicken, such as frozen, raw, and cooked.

2. You Can Get Them Online

If you don’t have time to go to a store, you can also purchase chicken wing flats online. 

Various platforms allow you to shop for chicken wing flat products, such as Amazon, eBay, and various supermarkets and meat stores.

3. Local Butcher

In a butcher shop, you can find the best package of chicken wing flats. You can also ask the butcher to split the wings into drumettes and cut pieces.

This will allow you to quickly grab a package of chicken wing flats when you visit the store.

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How to Select the Best Chicken Wing Flats

In the US, chicken wing flats are trendy. Due to the high demand for this cut, many companies produce and prepare chicken wings. The following are tips that will help you make the proper selection;

1. Select a Package With Equal Chicken Flats

Before you start the process of buying chicken wing flats, make sure that the package you pick has equal-sized portions. This will allow everyone to get a fair share.

This ensures that the chicken wing flat is cooked evenly. All types of flats require the same time to be deep-fried or baked. 

Doing so will allow them to be thoroughly cooked without raw or burnt components.

2. Select Air-Chilled Chicken Wing Flats

When preparing chicken wings, air-chilling them will help reduce the water content and firm them up. Doing so will also lengthen their shelf life and keep them fresh.

Although frozen chicken wings are delicate, if the meat is not frozen correctly, it might end up with a tasteless and potentially harmful product. Air-chilled wings are ideal for this purpose.

3. Avoid Chicken Wing Flats With Discoloration

Before buying chicken wing flats, make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Doing so will prevent the feather from sticking to the surface of the wings.

Also, avoid buying flat products with a sign of discoloration because bacteria could cause it.

What Are Drums?

The word drum is often used interchangeably with the term drumette, which means a mini drumstick. This is because the former is similar to a mini stick.

The prominent bone of a drum is located in the middle, with joints at both ends. Compared to flats, the drumette has more meat.

It also has a white meat texture, unlike flat drums. The drumette’s meat is dark but has a white meat consistency.

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What Are the Differences Between Chicken Drums and Flats?

There are several differences between chicken drums and flats, ranging from their taste to texture to the amount of meat, et cetera. Some prefer the flats to the drums while others prefer the drums.

There’s an age long debate on which is better. The following are the differences between chicken drums and flats:

1. Dipping Ability

The ability to dip a drum into a cup of ranch dressing or a blue cheese sauce is the main advantage that people who prefer the drums have over those who prefer the flats.

You can hold the drum with one hand and easily snack on it. On the other hand, with a flat, you have to reach for it with both hands.

2. Size

Chicken drums are more extensive than flats. This is another significant difference between both.

3. Amount of Meat

Although the amount of meat is less in flat drums, they are easier to remove from the bones due to their lack of cartilage.