Where To Find Juniper Berries in Grocery Stores

Have you ever tried to look for something in a grocery store but couldn’t find it? I understand how frustrating that can be, as I’ve been on that road before.

Now, if you’re not familiar with shopping for spices in grocery stores, you may find it challenging to locate juniper berries in the stores.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard because you will know where to find juniper berries in grocery stores when you’re done reading this guide.

Let’s get started!

What Are Juniper Berries Used For?

Juniper berries are used for different purposes, including:

  • Flavor: Juniper berries can add great flavor to your sauce. They are either crushed or toasted before use to control their flavor when used in making sauce.
  • Marinades: Marinades for your chicken, pork, and other meats because of their flavor. They add a fruity flavor along with some level of spice to meats. When using Juniper berries for marinades, it is important to beware of their strong nature and avoid overusing them in order not to diminish other flavors.

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Where To Find Juniper Berries in Grocery Stores

Juniper Berries are usually located in grocery stores’ spice and dry goods sections. If you cannot find them in these places, you can also ask the people working in the store for assistance.

1. Check the spice table

One section to find juniper berries in the grocery store is the spice aisle.  Perhaps the spice aisle should be the first place to look.

Knowing a thing by its uses applies in this case because juniper berries fall within the spices category.

2. Dry goods section in the grocery store

If you check the first place recommended and don’t find it, then it should be in the dry goods section because of the nature of the product.

In stores, juniper berries are stored mostly in air-tight containers away from sunlight in a cool, dry place.

When they are properly stored, they can last for as long as 2 years, according to some sources. That is why it is possible to speculate which stores can have juniper berries.

However, it is worth noting that not all grocery stores have juniper berries, so you must ensure that the store you have chosen has them.

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Grocery Stores That Sell Juniper Berries

Below are some stores where you can find juniper berries and purchase them with little or no stress!

  1. Amazon: Amazon is an online store where you can buy juniper berries conveniently from your location and have them delivered to you. But if online shopping isn’t your thing, you can find it in many other stores.
  2. Walmart: You’ll find it in the species aisle of Walmart store. Alternatively, you can check the dried goods section for the juniper berries.
  3. Health food stores: Don’t be surprised that you can find juniper berries in a health food store. They have many health benefits.
  4. King Soopers: Like in most stores, you can find the spice aisle at any king scooper store.
  5. Albertsons: Albertsons also has juniper berries, which can be found in brands like Morton. These brands also have their online equivalent, where you can find juniper berries.
  6. Safeway: Safeway is another place you can find juniper berries. Like other stores, they are often placed in the spice aisle and other spices.
  7. Local markets: Although it is not certain that you can find juniper berries at your local market, it is possible to find them there. So, if you have tried other means with no success, your ethnic market may have them.
  8. Kroger: Kroger rarely get out of stock for juniper berries, so you can visit the store to buy them or use their delivery service after online shopping.
  9. Whole foods market: If any whole food market is nearest to you, buy Juniper berries there.


It is easier to find Juniper berries if you search related categories like the spices table and the dry goods section. That is where to find Juniper berry in most stores.