Does Costco Take Ebt? (Yes, Here’s How To Use It!)

Costco is one of the most popular wholesale warehouse stores in the United States, possibly even worldwide.

Many people love Costco because it offers an unmatched value for its membership fee. But what kind of payment options do Costco support? Does Costco take EBT?

Yes, Costco does take EBT! You can use your EBT card at Costco to buy various products, including food and household goods.

In this article, I went the extra mile to discuss Costco and EBT, while answering some other related questions brought up by my awesome readers!

What Is Costco?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse store that offers a wide variety of products at extremely low prices.

The company has over 700 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Costco is best known for its “super” bulk items, including food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

Costco also sells tires, electronics, and even cars at discounted prices. Most items are sold in bulk quantities to help you save money on your purchases.

However, some exceptions (such as clothing) where individual units are sold at full price.

Costco memberships can be purchased for one year or life with an annual fee of $55-$100 depending on your location within North America (plus tax).

Each year, you will receive one free shopping day when you renew your membership, but there are other benefits such as discounts on travel packages and even car rentals!

Does Costco Take Ebt?

Costco is a popular place to shop, and it offers a wide range of products. You can get everything from food to electronics, clothing, and more at Costco.

If you are wondering if you can use EBT to buy groceries at Costco, here is the answer: Yes, you can pay with Ebt at Costco! However, there is some limitation that your EBT card will only work for certain items.

How To Use Ebt at Costco

If you’re a Costco customer with EBT benefits, here’s how to use them at the store:

1. Swipe your EBT card at the checkout counter and select “EBT” as your payment method.

You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN and see a balance update on the screen. If you don’t have enough money in your account, it will not let you proceed with the transaction.

2. Enter the amount of money you would like to spend, then press “Confirm” or “Continue.”

The cashier will swipe their card for security purposes, so make sure yours is still in hand!

3. In most cases, you will be asked for ID proof.

4. That’s it—you’re done! Your receipt should show both an EBT transaction number and a barcode that corresponds with that number, so keep these handy if you need proof of purchase later on (for example: if there’s a problem with your order).

Advantages Of an EBT Card

EBT cards are a great way to help low-income families. On the other hand, they have some disadvantages. With an EBT card, users can shop at any store that accepts SNAP benefits and use the card to pay for their groceries.

Products You Can’t Buy With EBT In Costco

There’s a lot of talk about what you can and can’t buy with EBT at Costco, but we wanted to take it one step further.

We put together this list of things you CAN’T buy with EBT at Costco.

  • Alcohol
  • Pet food
  • Tobacco
  • Medication
  • Cleaning products
  • Household essentials

Can You Use Your EBT Card At Costco Online?

Unfortunately, your EBT card can only be used while purchasing at physical Costco locations.

But if you’re shopping online, you won’t be able to use your EBT card.

What Can I Buy At Costco With Ebt?

Almost anything you want!

Costco is a great place to buy all kinds of things. It’s got a huge selection, and the prices are great.

It offers its members a wide selection of merchandise, including electronics, furniture, appliances, jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing –to mention a few.

Other things include:

  • Meat, Fish, Chicken
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Dairy Products
  • Bread and Cereals
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Snack Foods
  • Seeds and Plants for your Garden

How Is Costco Different From Other Stores?

Costco is different from other stores because it offers an enormous variety of products at a very low price.

Costco also has a reputation for being one of the most reputable companies in America, so many people choose to shop there.

For instance, Costco spends little or nothing on promotions and advertising, unlike Walmart, Amazon, or Target. Rather, it relies solely on its strong reputation for best-in-class product quality and customer service to drive sales.

Other stores might have similar deals on products, but they don’t have Costco’s same quality or trust.

Is Costco Cheaper?

Is Costco a better deal than other retailers?

Costco is the low-price leader. If you’re shopping for food and household supplies, the answer is probably yes. But that’s not what we’re asking here—we’re asking if Costco is cheaper than other retailers overall.

Yes, Costco sells everything from canned goods to TVs to designer fashions at lower prices than most stores.

Which Is The Most Popular Product Sold At Costco?

According to a recent survey, the most popular product sold at Costco is toilet paper.

It is something you need constantly. And every year, Costco sells more than a billion rolls.

The Kirkland Signature brand of paper towels has been a favorite among Costco shoppers for years because it is so versatile.

They are also made with 100% recycled materials and minimally processed, giving them an environmentally friendly edge over other brands of paper towels.

What Brand Is Costco Chicken?

If you’re a Costco shopper, you know that the bulk retailer’s rotisserie chicken is one of its best-selling items.

And if you’ve ever wondered what chicken brand is used in Costco’s rotisserie, we’re here to tell you that it’s Tyson.

Tyson Foods doesn’t just supply Tyson brand chicken products to Costco and other retailers—it also supplies brands like Perdue and Hillshire Farms.


In conclusion, Costco is working with companies like American Express and others to accept the EBT card, but it’s up to the stores to decide if they will.

American Express has stated that that store determines the ability to use their card at a store. Walmart is one such example of them taking and not accepting American Express.

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