18 Best Places to Buy Flowers Near Me

Flowers have a way of brightening up any space and bringing a smile to our faces.

Whether it’s a bouquet to celebrate a special occasion or a simple arrangement to add some color to your home, finding the perfect flowers can be a challenge.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to buy them. That’s where we come in.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the best places to buy flowers near you. From local florists to big-box stores, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each option, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect blooms for any occasion.

So, whether you’re looking for a stunning centerpiece for your next dinner party or a beautiful bouquet to surprise a loved one, keep reading to discover the best places to buy flowers near me.

Best Places to Buy Flowers Near Me

Best Places to Buy Flowers Near Me

1. Teleflora

Instead of packing your flowers in a box, Teleflora uses local florists to deliver your arrangements to your door. 

This eliminates the worry of being unable to get them out of the packaging.

With a wide selection of flowers, Teleflora can help you send various flowers to your loved ones. You can also choose the Deal of the Day, where the company will provide you with the lowest price possible.

2. Ode à la Rose

Ode à la Rose is quite affordable. Although these arrangements are usually expensive for a proper occasion, such as a wedding or a birthday, many come in at around $50 at Ode à la Rose.

The company’s website has a price category option that allows you to shop for the lowest price.

3. The Bouqs Co

The Bouqs Co is a farm-to-table company that sources flowers from sustainable farms in South and North America.

Their products are only cut when sold, which means they do not go to waste. This means the flowers they produce last longer than those found in supermarkets.

If you subscribe to the company, you can get your order in the form of bouquets from $29 to $38.

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4. ProFlowers

Like other national flower brands, Proflowers offers a wide range of blooms for same-day nationwide delivery.

Old standbys, such as red roses, are at surprisingly low prices. They also have various other unique options, such as a Bonzai tree and a tulip garden.

5. FTD

Founded in 1910, the company known as FTD is one of the first companies to enter the flower delivery business.

Since it has a network of over 30,000 local partners in over 125 countries, sending a bouquet to any location is easy.

They also have various seasonal flower collections designed to bring a bit of autumn color to your home.

6. Floom

Floom is one of the leading companies in the flower delivery industry. Floom allows customers to send gifts and flowers from local, independent florists.

Just enter your address and click the “Add to cart” button to get your order sent to your loved one.

7. 1-800-Flowers.com

Although the company’s name suggests that it was founded in the pre-internet era, it has since taken its catalog online.

Also, since it owns various other gift brands, such as Harry and David, it’s easy to add a variety of items to your order, such as fruit baskets and chocolate-covered strawberries.

This is the perfect way to make a gift without wasting time organizing it.

8. Florists.com

This service allows customers to send arrangements to local shops whenever possible. If they don’t partner with a local florist in your area, they will deliver the bouquet in a gift-wrapped box.

Besides standard arrangements, customers can send other gifts, such as fruit bouquets and mini orchids.

9. From You Flowers

With a tight budget and a short time frame, From You Flowers can help you send various flowers to your loved ones.

Their low prices and fast delivery options make this service an ideal alternative to traditional flower delivery.

10. Urban Stems

Urban Stems offers a wide range of flowers and plants, including a variety of succulents and a simple rose bouquet, and it can deliver anywhere in the country.

Its subscription service allows customers to treat themselves or a significant other with fresh flowers every month.

11. Venus et Fleur

Inspired by the elegant hat boxes Venus et Fleur created in their New York studio, their luxury preserved roses are made from roses grown in Ecuador.

They are designed to last for up to a year. The company also offers a variety of options and prices that are ideal for different occasions. Venus et Fleur’s products are available in the US and other countries.

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12. Fresh Sends

The approach taken by Fresh Sends is simple and relevant. It offers a variety of products that are designed to be both memorable and relevant. The company’s goal is to make each gift as meaningful and emotive as possible.

13. Farmgirl Flowers

For $59, Farmgirl Flowers can create a customized arrangement that’s ideal for your loved one. You can also create a do-it-yourself project using their “Market Box,” which contains 25 stems and greens.

14. H. Bloom

H.Bloom’s Instagram-ready bouquets are perfect for any occasion. They come in various styles and prices and are designed to be practical and beautiful.

For instance, their $75 “arrange your own” bouquet includes a soft pastel pink rose in a glass vase, or their $195 “luxurious garden glamour” bouquet features fresh blooms.

15. Terrain

If you’re looking for something a bit more practical and beautiful, then look no further than the offerings of Terrain, which offers both cut flowers and bulbs that can be placed in the garden.

It also has a variety of dried and preserved flowers, such as tulip magnolia branches that can bloom for up to two weeks.

16. Bloomscape

Bloomscape offers both indoor and outdoor plants. The Detroit-based company also has a variety of herbs and vegetables that can be delivered to your loved one’s home.

It additionally provides 24-hour customer support, allowing you to ask them any questions about their care.

17. BloomsyBox

Sending a bouquet of fresh flowers is a great way to show your love for a mom or a loved one. With a subscription to BloomsyBox, you can choose from a variety of weekly, biweekly, or monthly bouquets. 

All of these are sourced from sustainable farms and come with free delivery.

18. The Sill

If you’re a fan of delicate flowers, then orchids are a great way to add a touch of class to your living room table.

The selection at The Sill includes white, spotted, purple, fuchsia, and sunset orchids, which are priced from around $75 to $98. 

In addition, it has a variety of online classes that can help you extend the life of your plant.